Oh, Valentine’s Day. The day where we celebrate love… or celebrate the fact that Valentine’s day chocolates will be 50% off tomorrow and you’re going to buy yourself a ton in the name of self-love. Either way, you can’t forget the Valentine’s Day wine.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic wine to share over a candle-lit Valentine’s Day dinner with your significant other or you’re looking for a wine to pair with chocolate that you bought yourself… (Don’t worry, we won’t judge), we’ve got a list of the top Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne and Rosé Wine to drink on Valentine’s Day.


The Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Wines


The Best Red Wines For Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for a wine that is deep and sultry, go with a red wine this Valentine’s day. Reds are perfect for romantic dinner dates or if you’re getting ready to turn on a total anti-Valentine’s day movie marathon. Check out these Valentine’s Day red wines:


Mt. Brave 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon



Rimon Easy Port



Taylor Fladgate 20 Year Old Port



The Best Champagnes & Sparkling Wines For Valentine’s Day

Celebrating this Valentine’s Day? Looking to pop the question? Or maybe you just want to pop a bottle. Champagne & Sparkling Wine are the signature celebration drink and is perfect for celebrating love in the classiest way. Pop that cork with these bubbly Valentine’s Day Champagnes & Sparkling Wines:


Taittinger Champagne NV Brut Reserve


Lanson Black Label Brut


Henri de Villamont Crémant de Bourgogne Rosé


The Best White Wines for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a nice, chilled white wine for Valentine’s Day? These are a perfect if you significant other prefers white wine to red. These also pair perfectly with reality show re-runs, might we add. Check out these Valentine’s Day white wines:


Asolo Prosecco Docg Brut



Aphrodite Last Harvest Gewürztraminer Icewine


Paradise Ranch 2013 Riesling Icewine



The Best Rosé Wines For Valentine’s Day

Rosé all day, every day! Rosé is the perfect wine for a romantic valentine’s day or a night in with the pals watching all the romantic comedies you can find on Netflix. It also looks ravishing beside a box of tissues while watching “The Notebook” for the thousandth time. If you’re looking to “Rosé all V-Day”, check out the best Valentine’s Day Rosé Wines:


Valentine’s Day Rosé: Dirty Laundry Hush



Happy Valentine’s Day!


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