Matt Bellassai – Whine About It: It’s Fall. Autumn. The End of Summer.

This is the time of year when you get your pin-boards plugged with pumpkins, Autumn decorations, baking spice, and Fall fashion. Everything around you is Halloween candy, pumpkin spiced lattes, blanket scarves, wool sweaters and falling leaves. Ugh. It’s time for wine. So grab a bottle of wine and join us as we whine about the other side of Fall with Matt Bellassai from Buzzfeed.

We bet you’re wondering what our JustWine Editor says about Fall. Well, wonder no more. According to our Editor on staff there’s really nothing good about Fall:

“Let’s be honest, for all its joy, the fact is, Fall blows! It’s the death of everything living, before the deep — DEEP— freeze sets in.”


What about YOU? Love Fall? Hate it? Does it taste a little better with a glass of Wine?

Well, grab a glass of your favourite wine and watch this video, then tell us what you think by clicking right here.


VIDEO: Matt Bellassai – The Worst Things About Fall: Whine About It


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