Is drinking a glass of wine equivalent to one hour at the gym?

A glass a day keeps the gym away! In 2012, there was a study released by the University of Alberta (up in Canada, eh?) that stated, “Resveratrol may be a natural exercise performance enhancer.” Resveratrol, a compound found in fruit, nuts, and yes… wine, was found to enhance exercise training. Of course, a few sites took the study and abstracted it, stating that drinking wine is actually the equivalent of getting an hour-long workout. So, in theory, that 750ml bottle of wine can provide you with 6-hours in the gym.


Sorry, wine is not the new secret to weight loss.

The University of Alberta released a follow-up post a few years later that “drinking red wine is no excuse not to hit the gym, period.” They further clarified that “the study does not advocate avoiding exercise”.

The unfortunate truth about wine and Resveratrol is you’d actually have to drink a whole lot of wine just to get close to the levels required for it to be beneficial… like anywhere from 100 to 1,000 bottles per day. And while a few wine lovers may see that as a challenge you’d be willing to take, your safest bet would be to slapping on a pair of runners and get yourself in the gym. Especially, if you’re hoping to burn all those calories you drank trying to slay 100 bottles of wine in the first place.


So, is wine bad for you?

Well, that’s a tricky subject. Wine has been said to basically line your stomach with battery acid but also lower bad cholesterol and it’s also been said to be the equivalent of one hour of exercise. So, really who knows. But, there definitely are some health benefits of drinking wine – but definitely not as beneficial as getting in your 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Sorry, wine lovers, lifting the glass to our mouths doesn’t count as a bicep curl.


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