Finding good cheap wine can be a struggle at times. Grabbing a $5 bottle of wine and popcorn to have while sitting in front of the TV alone might be acceptable, but that same cost-friendly wine may not be so fitting when you’re having some friends over for a get-together or dinner.

However, don’t go grabbing that $50 bottle of wine just yet! You can have wine that doesn’t taste like a foot without breaking the bank. There are ways to make that inexpensive bottle of wine taste expensive (or at least tolerable) if you’re willing to step out on a limb and try this super simple trick. We’ll show you how to make a cheap bottle of red wine taste better.


Wine Hack: How to make cheap wine taste better

The secret to making any cheap red wine taste better may be a little odd and surprising, but we swear it works! To make an inexpensive bottle of red taste delicious, all you have to do is add a little salt to it!

We know, you’re probably looking at your screen totally confused right now, but according to Katie O’Malley in both Delish and Prima online magazines adding a pinch of salt to a cheap bottle of red could make it taste better and a little less sweet.


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