Breakfast (or Brunch) is the most important meal of the day. Whether you’re having a delicious eggs benedict, some pancakes or avocado toast, we’ve compiled a list of the best wines to pair with your brunch or breakfast dishes that aren’t your typical brunch mimosa. (Although, we do love mimosas!)

While some might feel a little weird about getting boozy at breakfast, just remember, its wine o’clock somewhere!


Wine Pairing for Pancakes

Maybe it’s Shrove Tuesday, or maybe it’s just Sunday morning– if you’re in the mood for some soft, fluffy pancakes, you’ve got to pair it with a glass of wine. What type of wine complements pancakes? Well, it depends on the pancake’s flavour; whether you prefer a savoury pancake or a classic, buttermilk pancake or a sweeter, fruitier pancake, like blueberry pancakes!

Pair Pancakes with Riesling


Avocado Toast Wine Pairing

Wondering what to pair with Avocado Toast? Avocado Toast has become a pretty trendy breakfast meal amongst the millennials. It’s a healthy and vegan breakfast meal and a great way to start your day if you’re on the road to healthy eating. So, what is the best wine to drink with avocado toast?

Pair Avocado Toast with Sauvignon Blanc


French Toast Wine Pairing

Like pancakes, French toast is commonly eaten with syrup – making it on the sweeter side of breakfast/brunch meals. This is why you’d probably want to go with a less sweet wine to balance out the taste.

Pair French Toast with Pinot Noir


Wine Pairing for Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs served with Canadian Bacon or ham drizzled with hollandaise sauce. If you love a good eggs benny for breakfast, you’ll love a glass of wine to pair with the rich, salty flavour.

Pair Eggs Benedict with Champagne


Wine Pairing for Chicken and Waffles

Southern fried chicken plopped on delicious spongy waffles with a scoop of ice cream and delicious syrup. The breakfast of champions.

Pair Chicken and Waffles with Sparkling Shiraz


Wine Pairing for Cereal

This one is tough, it really depends on the cereal. Is it sweet like fruit loops? Maybe sugarless like Corn Flakes– regardless, we wouldn’t recommend this one.


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