For those who are not familiar with the area, Burgundy (Bourgogne) is a widely popular wine region located in a central-eastern part of France. With significant communities that include Dijon, Beaune, Auxerre, Sens and Macon, it represents the perfect place to visit, no matter what your prime travel expectation is.

This historical wine region is rich in beautiful landscape, fairy-like villages, amazing vineyards and grand chateaus. In Burgundy you’ll drink some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the world. Bourgogne boasts a vast number of events, mainly (and obviously) wine-oriented.

Here are the must-see Burgundy wine events:


1. Dijon International Gastronomy Fair

Dijon becomes the central place for all hedonists in November. This two week fair is one of the most significant and most important Burgundy events. It represents the place to be as ach year brings more and more visitors. The fair is focused around local products, and most exhibitors are craftsmen, wine-growers, and speciality restaurants. If you like to eat good food and drink delicious wine – and who doesn’t – then be there on the 1st of November. More information on the Dijon International Gastronomy Fair can be found here.

Dijon International Gastronomy Fair
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2. Saint-Vincent Festival in the Mâcconnais

Happening at the end of January, Vincent festival honours the Patron Saint of Wine-Growers. The event itself is fun, colourful and exciting to attend, but also offers an insight into the wine-growing industry in a rather friendly environment. This 70 year old festival takes place in the village of Prissé, which lies within the Mâcconnais, and consists of tasting sessions and traditional ceremonies. Spectators can watch the parade in which so-called brotherhoods wear costumes, representing their terroir. Find all the information on Saint-Vincent Tournante official website.

Vincent Festival burgundy
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3. Rootstock Festival, Pommard

Entirely new, but already in the centre of attention, Rootstock festival brings together almost two thousand people in a beautiful Château de Pommard environment. This chateau and its vineyards offer dreamy surrounding for all music and wine lovers, who get to enjoy both in the middle of July when it occurs. Get ready for the third edition of the festival; it will bring a memorable and delicious weekend to all of its visitors. Find more information on

Rootstock 2018
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4. Le Festival Musical des Grands Crus, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

You might ask yourself, “What does music has to do with grand cru wine?” Well, that is how winemaking and terroir are celebrated in Burgundy, three months before the harvest. This is a must-attend event, popular for its high-quality program with a massive variety of happenings. From concerts to shows, walking routes and wine tasting (of course). Plan your visit to Burgundy in July – you will not regret it. More information on the Burgundy Grand Crus Music Festival available here.

route des grands crus
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5. Hospices de Beaune Auction

Hospices de Beaune is the place that combines spirituality, arts and wine-making. With its 15th century gothic architecture and orphan shelter, it has become one of the best representatives of the area. Hospices de Beaune owns a vineyard which is 60 hectares large and each year on the third Sunday in November, their wine is sold at auction. The event is open to the public, even though mainly visited by connoisseurs and professionals from all over the world. However, everyone is able to taste and find out more about Burgundy wines for a good cause. More about the Hospices de Beaune auction can be found here.

Hospices de Beaune Auction
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When in Burgundy, you have to have only one aim – to please all your senses. Eat, drink, smell, watch and take a deep breath in every moment you spend here. So, without further ado, here are the must-see Burgundy events you.When in Burgundy, you have to have only one aim – to please all your senses. Eat, drink, smell, watch and take a deep breath in every moment you spend here.


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