Wines for Pisces (Feb 18 – Mar 20)

So, you’re a Pisces! You are gentle and emotional, which is no surprise as you are a water sign. You are selfless and willing to help others unconditionally, however, you can be overly trusting which can get you in sticky situations. You’re creative, artistic and easy-going. Like a fish, Pisces are the type to go-with-the-flow.


The Perfect Wine for a Pisces



What makes a Carménère the perfect wine for a Pisces? Just like Pisces, a Carménère is complex and emotionally in-tune with the world its in. This wine is fruitful yet spicy and rich, and creates a mysterious feeling around it – like a fine piece of art, and much like you, Pisces.


What is a Carménère?

Carménère’s are initially known to be from France, of the Bordeaux variety, but are known mostly produced in Chile. With red fruit flavours of raspberry and pomegranate prominent, along with undertones of green pepper, paprika and jalapeño, the Carménère is a deeply complex wine (like a Pisces). zodiac-pisces-Carménère

A Carménère We Love: Casas Patronales Reserva Privada Carménère

With a plum-like and spicy aroma, as well as flavours featuring dark cherries and black pepper, this Chilean Carménère is perfect for someone looking for a unique but easy-to-drink wine. Pair with a meal of pork, smoked cheese or heavy pasta for full effect.


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Okay, so maybe you opened this a thought to yourself, “Ugh, Carménère is way too spicy,” – okay, that’s fine, Pisces! Don’t get emotional. Maybe a Carménère isn’t the wine for you, but there’s more to see! Try out the rest of your birth chart, perhaps the perfect wine for you is based on your moon sign or your rising… maybe your 10th house?

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