Wines for Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

All hail the king (or queen) of the jungle! You’re a natural leader, Leo. Your inner lion causes you to be ferocious, dominating and sometime a little ego focused. (What can we say? You’re a king (or again, queen!) but your warmth mand loyalty level you out.


The Perfect Wine for a Leo



What makes a Tempranillo the perfect wine for a Leo? A deep and full-bodied red wine with thick-skinned grapes capable of matching the intensity of the Leo, Tempranillo contains the perfect amount of warmth and richness to satiate even the most ravenous of Leos.


What is a Tempranillo? zodiac-leo-redwine

A classic type of wine from Spain. Boasting a wild, peppery flavour profile, a Tempranillo is meant to provide a lively and flavourful red wine experience. The rich and cherry-based flavour (and the fact that it’ll get you real drunk) is what makes this Spanish wine style so fierce and interesting, just like a Leo.

A Tempranillo We Love: Tussock Jumper Tempranillo

A complex red wine, like a Leo, it comes across as very rich but then leaves a refreshing feeling on your palate. Pair this Tempranillo with red meats or strong cheeses.

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Okay, so maybe you opened this a thought to yourself, “Ugh, red wine is way too strong,” – okay, no problem, Leo. You don’t have to roar at us! Maybe a Tempranillo isn’t the wine for you, but don’t give up! Try out the rest of your birth chart, perhaps the perfect wine for you is based on your moon sign or your rising… maybe your 10th house?

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