Fruit Guide To Making Sangrias

Sangrias are a delicious wine cocktail and make for a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day and a festive holiday wine cocktail for New Year’s! However, when it comes to making sangrias, choosing your fruit can be a hard decision.

Sangrias are pretty forgiving when it comes to fruit. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to create a fruit combination for a sangria. However, some fruit enhances the flavours of the sangria, depending on the type of wine you use. Your goal is to match the fruit to the fruit characteristics of the wine.

We’ve put together a chart (see below) of some of the best fruit combinations for every type of Sangria. But as always, feel free to put your own spin on it!


What Type of Fruit To Put In Sangria


What Type of Fruit To Put In Red Sangria

Fruit For Red Wine Sangria: Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries & Lemon

For sangrias made with red wine, you’d want to use deep red and berry fruits. Red wine typically has red and dark fruit flavours, so using similar fruits will enhance the flavour of your sangria. The citrus from the lemon adds refreshing acidity.


What Type of Fruit To Put In White Sangria

Fruit For White Wine Sangria: Green Apples, Peaches, Pineapple & Frozen Grapes

White wine typically has stone fruit or tropical fruit in its fruit characteristics. Fruits like green apples, pineapple and peaches go well with a white wine sangria. The frozen grapes are to keep it nice and cold without watering it down with too much ice.


What Type of Fruit To Put In Rosé Sangria

Fruit For Rosé Sangria: Cranberries, Raspberries, Oranges & Lemon

Rosé typically has a tart, red fruit note, so fruits like like cranberry and raspberry along with some orange blossom and citrus blend perfectly in this wine for a tasty rosé sangria.


What Type of Fruit To Put In Champagne or Sparkling Wine Sangria

Fruit For Sparkling Wine or Champagne Sangria: Strawberries, Lemon, Red Apples, Lime

For Sparkling Wine Sangrias (or Champagne Sangrias), strawberries are always a good choice! Strawberries and sparkling wine are a classic pairing, while red apples, lemon and lime are a typical champagne flavour and aroma characteristics.


The Best Fruit Combinations For Every Sangria Chart

Best Fruit For Sangria




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