We all love our wine, but can bottles of wine ever be expensive! Just because you’re on a budget though, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wine that tastes like it’s expensive! Here are 8 inexpensive wines to drink if you’re broke but love good wine!


The Best Cheap Red Wine


Apothic Crushredblend-cheapredwine

The Crush is a smooth red blend of Petite Sirah and Pinot Noir, and boasts a fruity flavour with dark chocolate undertones. This is a good cheap red wine, available almost anywhere. Pair this red blend with lamb chops and roasted vegetables.







Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel Mendocino Countyzin-bestcheapredwine

This ripe Zinfandel comes from California, and features a fresh cherry flavour over top of a toasted clove and cardamom finish that goes down smoothly. We recommend pairing this Ravenswood with grilled chicken, dark-meat turkey or a pizza.







Jim Barry The Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignoncabsav-redwine-goodcheap

Known for its expensive wines, Jim Barry introduced this low-price, and truly one of the best cheap red wines out of Australia. Aromatically quite fruity, the core of this Cabernet Sauvignon is cassis and spice. This wine will pair well with rich, powerful foods such as a meaty burger or filet mignon.





The Best Cheap White Wine


Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanccheapwine-white

A sweet wine with crisp acidity, this Sauvignon Blanc features a tropical flavour profile with a hint of tart grapefruit. If you’re looking for a good cheap white wine, this is the one for you. Match this wine with seafood and a fresh salad!








The Dreaming Tree Wines Chardonnaychardonnay-cheap-white-wine

A golden Chardonnay featuring sweet pear and peach flavours, this Dreaming Tree wine is an elegant and medium-bodied wine. Try pairing this Chardonnay with grilled chicken and light pasta.








Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Rieslingriesling-cheapwine

A fresh and acidic Riesling, the Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl selection contains the perfect blend of apricot, pear and orange fruit flavours – making this a perfect summer drink. Trying pairing with a lime-flavoured dish before summer is over!







The Best Cheap Rosé Wines


Gazela Vinho Verde Rosérosé-cheap-wine

A refreshing take on the pink classic, the Gazela Rosé featuring lively flavours from strawberries and bananas. Not overpowering however, as it finishes with an elegant lightness. Pair with shellfish, rice or light pasta!



The Best Cheap Prosecco


La Marca Proseccoprosecco-cheap-wine

Mixes well for cocktails, but also stands up on its own as well! This is one of the best cheap sparkling wines out there, as it’s not too citrusy-y and not too sweet, this Prosecco pairs well with a spicy Asian entree or dishes with creamy sauces.







If you’re still not convinced…

How Can You Make Cheap Wine Taste Better?

If you stray from the list above, you may be disappointed. Well, there are a few things you can do to give your bad choice of wine a boost!

  • For white wine, add ice and make it a spritzer
  • Add berries and turn your wine into a sangria
  • Pair it with overpowering foods such as a strong cheese, red meat or spicy food
  • Aerate the bottle or let the wine breathe
  • Drink it later – have a bottle of better wine first and drink the cheap wine second (it’ll taste way better)

Click here to learn one simple trick to make any red wine taste better.




Does Expensive Wine Taste Better Than Cheap Wine?

The honest answer is – it depends on your taste buds and experience with wine! Some people think that cheap wines taste just as good as expensive wines or expensive wines that taste cheap, and though they may be correct, it’s a matter of perception in most cases. Of course, there are truly BAD wines out there – but as a whole, you’re probably safe to pick up a $15 bottle versus a $150 bottle!


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