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Like you, we’re wine enthusiasts. We do what we do because we genuinely love this magical grape juice and we want to bring all sorts of people together to love it and learn about it. That’s why we use this platform, Just Wine, to promote education at every level.


Just Wine is Here for You

We also involve wineries, import agencies, educators, sales reps, retailers, restaurants and anyone else we can think of — every chance we get. Whenever possible, we link back to your website and your social media. We tweet and retweet about your brand. We Facebook the crap outta your events and your wines because we think it will help bring the wine community together.


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We also happen to think our logo is pretty cool. See how the U and the I look like a wine glass? Yeah, we did that on purpose (and we hope you like it).

If you like what we do, pop our super cool logo on your awesome website and link the logo back to your juicy content on Just Wine! It’s a great way to increase your online presence, build your brand, add credibility, and grow your audience with us!


How To Link Just Wine Directly to a Page or Article On Your Website:

  1. Add a JustWine Button to your website by using one of our pre-made buttons below.

  2. To link to JustWine content from your website, add any of the below images to your website content (or header/footer) and wrap the image in an href link directing it to whichever content you’d like on Just Wine.


If you need any help with this, our Team would be happy to assist you. Just email us at support@justwineapp.com. Of course, if you have any other questions about the site or you’re looking for further support, just ask away!


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Find us on JustWineFind us on JustWineFind us on JustWineFind us on JustWine

Find us on JustWineFind us on JustWine





Find us on JustWineFind us on JustWine

Find us on JustWineFind us on JustWine


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