Late one evening after a wine tasting in Kensington…

I visited Modern Steak late one evening after a wine tasting in Kensington. I wanted good food and a good glass of wine, and it was within walking distance from Kensington Wine Market. I’ve been there twice before; during opening week about three and a half years ago and a second time a little under a year ago. I was due and I had a craving for steak.


Modern Service

The strong leadership of Stephen Deere, Modern Steak’s Proprietor

I was alone, so I sat at the bar. Single girl problems. Ugh. Always without a plus one. Corey greeted me immediately as I was sitting down, eager to walk me through the menus. I gave him the restaurant equivalent of “just browsing,” and had a quick look through the menu.

Here’s what I loved the most about the service; Corey was able to read my mood and offer prompt, attentive service without being invasive. Sometimes I’m super chatty. Sometimes I want to be left alone. That night I was the latter and Corey offered exactly the right amount of conversation for my mood.

Modern Steak is a testament to the pull of the restaurant industry when you find a great place to work. Corey wasn’t necessarily looking for it at the time, but happily stepped into the bar manager role, because Modern Steak is a good place on both sides of the bar. He loves the creative freedom and additional responsibility he has at Modern Steak under the strong leadership of Stephen Deere. This is a place he and no doubt others, are proud to work.

Modern Steak Wine List, selection, old world, new world, red wine, white wine, rosé wine
Wine Selection at Modern Steak. Image Source: Tracy-Lynne MacLellan


Modern Wine Selection

The wine list at Modern Steak is spectacular.

The wines come from small to medium producers, the selection is varied, offering both iconic, familiar wines as well as unique grape varieties or blends that you can’t find just anywhere.

When you take notice of the kind of events that happen at Modern Steak, you’ll see plenty of winemaker dinners that show how much Stephen Deere cares about where those wines come from and the people behind them. He also has a great relationship with people that take the time to find and import those wines.

I curate a wine list for a local restaurant so I understand what it takes to put together a list of that calibre. There are many factors to consider, not least of all pleasing a wide client base as well as being able to train and mentor your team in the often daunting task of guiding guests through the list. This is a well thought out list of fantastic producers, many the average person has likely never experienced. Lucky for all of us, Thursday evenings you can order one of those gems at half price. I did exactly that.

My wine pick? Thomas George Estates Rosé of Grenache. It’s been years since I’ve had the TGE Rosé. The 2015 vintage is outstanding.


TGE. Thomas George Estate Rosé of Grenache, California wine, selection,
Russian River Valley Rosé. Image Source: Tracy-Lynne MacLellan


Modern Steak with Alberta Beef

A juicy, tender, modern steak.

The perfect cut. Cooked exactly as I asked. The steak was juicy and tender. A delicious balsamic reduction for a little acidity. A small side of roasted garlic the likes of which I haven’t enjoyed since The Garlic Clove was still open in Mission. A side of Brussel Sprouts with beautiful chunks of smoked bacon. I could have eaten a giant bowl of them.

Modern Steak. petite loin.
The Perfect Steak. Image Source: Tracy-Lynne MacLellan


Classic Dessert, The Modern Way

Baked Alaska with a glass of rosé wine.

Like the music, Modern Steak decided to kick it old school with Baked Alaska. Honestly, when was the last time you had Baked Alaska? 1987? I would never have thought to order it and I was actually going to pass on dessert, but Corey suggested I try it and I thought “why not?” I’m glad I did. I always go for something chocolate. I’ve found a new weakness. In fact, I’m craving it again right now.

Baked Alaska. Modern Steak. Dessert.
Baked Alaska at Modern Steak. Image Source: Tracy-Lynne MacLellan


Modern Impression

Don’t hesitate, choose Modern Steak

This was one of the best solo dining experiences I have ever had. Remember my single gal status, so I’ve dined alone quite a bit. I don’t mind it when the experience is this remarkable (but if you feel sorry for me and want to set me up with your hot friend with a big heart, that’s fine by me!) I was only planning to pop in for a quick glass of wine and late night bite but stayed much longer than intended because of the experience.

If you’re thinking about where to go for dinner this weekend, I wouldn’t hesitate choosing Modern Steak.


PS: There are lots of great winemaker dinners and food & wine events like this at Modern Steak you don’t want to miss

Experience Wine Wars and see Mark Bata of BonVida Wines battle (and likely crush) R.J. Carron of Fluid Imports and Stephen Deere of Modern Steak.

BonVida Wines. Wine Battle. Mark Bata, importer,
Wine Wars at Modern Steak. Image Source:


News on Modern Steak’s Very Own $80K Bull…. I’d pair that with a beautiful bottle of Brunello!


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