“It’s not fancy, but neither am I.”


Diane Keaton is not pretentious and certainly not conventional. In her People Magazine interview, Ms. Keaton describes her drink of choice as “not fancy,” but if you’re a Keaton fan, then that’s why you love her. When she first premiered her drink on the Ellen Show, many people were surprised. That drink was a Layer Cake red wine, poured over ice.


The Keaton: Wine on Ice is Sweeping the Nation (thanks to Ellen?)

As it swept the nation (as most things Ellen or Oprah do), Keaton decided to kick things into full gear and create her own “unpretentious wine line.” She is not starting a winery nor is she connected to one, but she collaborated with Winemaker Bob Pepi (who has worked on collaborations with other stars like Mario Andretti) and with Bruce Hunter at Shaw Ross International Importers to create a red and white, so all wine lovers could enjoy it. “My wines both red and white are everyday wines. They taste great on ice as well as simply poured in a glass.”


The Keaton: Good Wine for a Good Cause

Whether you can wrap your head around the serving suggestion or not: “Grab a low ball glass, fill with lots of ice, pour until all the ice is covered with the robust red wine, then enjoy,” you can’t turn away from this initiative because as always Keaton’s generous nature shines through. Not only are the wines inexpensive

“I wanted affordable wines that blend grapes from different regions. Both wines are fruit forward and are well balanced. They go with any kind of food. And yes, I insisted on the twist-off cap!” -Diane Keaton

a portion of the proceeds will go to brain research at the Lou Ruvo Center in Las Vegas, a cause close to the starlet’s heart after her parents were both affected by brain diseases.


Are you ready to drink your wine in an unconventional way? If so, the Keaton awaits you. Don’t forget the ice!


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