As London’s highest restaurant, the Duck and Waffle is already a unique restaurant. Beautiful eagle-eye views of London, young, hip, trendy and open 24/7. Something very unusual for this class of restaurant, but Chef Director, Dan Doherty, felt strongly that people these days don’t keep regular hours and so dining and wine should be available whenever you need it.

Video: Duck and Waffle on Night Tube

It also led him to the decision that just like a menu changes throughout different times of the day, so should the wine and cocktail list. The rationale was that if you are eating something at 2pm with colleagues or you’re eating it at 2am after going out with your friends you may not want the same wine with that dish. It is an interesting take on wine and food pairing because not only does wine get paired to enhance the dish, but also gets adjusted to the situation and time of day.

For example, a wine that might be fun and should be drunk with friends, may not suffice for a more sophisticated business lunch even though the actual meal you are eating is the same.


Drinking wine during any time of day

Duck & Waffle isn’t the only restaurant who’s up to the challenge. Head of Wine & Sake, Maurizio Palomba also believes that people do indeed drink wine at all times of the day like the Chablis, Doherty pairs with his breakfast in this episode of The Wine Show (which by the way if you haven’t watched it you are totally missing out because it’s fabulous!).

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