“Here’s to you and here’s to me

The best of friends we’ll always be.

But if by chance we disagree…”


Well…you get the idea!

(but if you don’t have a clue what we’re talking about,
CLICK HERE for the rest of the “toast”)


If that’s your idea of a giving a celebration toast, you have a few things to learn — and we can help! We get it, public speaking is not everyone’s cup of tea… or shall we say glass of sparkling wine (haha, see what we did there!) and that’s okay. Inevitably there will come a time when you have to make some kind of a speech at an upcoming party, celebration, wedding, dinner, birthday or any sort of public engagement. Here are some toasting tips to help you get through the event not only unscathed, but sparkling like Champagne!


Toast Tip #1: Know Your Audience

The type of toast you give in the presence of your Great Grandmother, is not necessarily the same style of speech you cheers to your college buddies. Keep your audience in mind when setting the tone and language of your toast. Humour and anecdotes are great, when they’re appropriate for your audience. Just keep in mind who the toast is for, what the occasion is and who is listening. If you need a little help with this part, try joining a speaking organization like Toastmasters or Speaker Sisterhood or check out your local college for courses designed to train you in the art of public speaking.


Toast Tip #2: Sprinkle Some Inspirational Quotes into Your Speech

Everyone loves a cliché (that’s why they’re clichés) or a heartwarming, feel-good quote. Sure, it may seem cheesy to you, but if there was every a time to bring on the fromage, a toast is exactly that right time. Leave your audience feeling all the feels. Nothing says “Congratulations on that Promotion” like using someone else’s words in a heart-felt, inspirational quote. Or “Happy Anniversary” with a tear-jerker like:

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

(And the audience says aaawwwwwww)


Toast Tip #3: Pick a Sparkling Wine to Suit the Occasion and Your Budget

Not all toasts require Champagne. There are a variety of sparkling wines that you can use for any occasion. If you’re looking for a luxury item for a very special occasion, like a 50th Anniversary or an black tie dinner, then Champagne is the right choice. However, other types of sparkling wine may be more suited to casual gatherings, non-milestone events, afternoon occasions or simply because Champagne does not fit your budget. Here is some info for choosing the right sparkling wine.


Toast Tip #4: Have Enough Champagne for Everyone (or whatever bubbles you choose)

Running out of bubbles before everyone gets a glass is embarrassing. It won’t matter how inspirational your toast is if not everyone can actually cheers to your toast. Account for about 5 ounces (oz) of sparkling wine for each person. There are 26 oz of wine in a bottle which means you you can get 5 glasses out of each bottle. Count the number of Guests and do the math from there. Don’t forget to include yourself!


Toast Tip #5: Take the Edge off Before Your Speech, Without Getty Sloppy!

If you’re a little worked up or nervous, it’s okay to partake in a few sips of bubbles before you get up to give your toast. Just be smart about it. No-one likes a sloppy speech giver, especially when it’s someone’s special occasion. We know everyone thinks they get funnier the more they drink, but that’s inaccurate and nothing says “I’ve ruined your big day” like slurred words and inappropriate jokes that only you are laughing at. So have a few sips, but stay sober and responsible for your words.


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