If you’re a wine enthusiast living in the United States, you can make a home in wine country

There are those for whom wine is merely an accessory to a fun and indulgent night out or the necessary accompanying beverage for the occasional expensive meal. However, wine is not synonymous with expensive, fancy dining. For there are those who see wine like most see their coffee; a complex avenue which beckons those who venture down it to make it part of their lifestyle. My friend Greg can tell me everything about where he gets his Arabica beans, how hot the brew must be for the most success, and so on. If he could, he’d move to the very town which produces his favorite drink. In the U.S., but his dream town lies across international borders. Fortunately for wine lovers, there are multiple options from which to choose if you’ve got the itch to relocate to an area that supplies the delicious vine-spawned elixir that is wine.


4 Great Places To Live in American Wine Country


Asheville, North Carolina: Premium Wine in Your Backyard

North Carolina is a fantastic region to grow wine in, not only because of the humid, hot summers, but the balmy winters mean that the landscape is not too devastated to support another growing season. This has resulted in over one-hundred wineries throughout the states, with many of them located in the mountains. The internationally renowned Biltmore Estate Winery is also located in the area, meaning you can have local access to a fantastic selection of wines grown right in your backyard! This is not to take away from the gorgeous landscape the area itself boasts. Living here would be a dream for anyone who is not interested in wine. So, add the selection it offers, and this is a wine heaven you do not want to be shut out from!


Santa Maria Valley AVA, California: A More Affordable Option for Homeowners

Santa Maria Valley has become quite the heated destination for wine lovers lately. However, when most people think of wine and California, they think Napa Valley. What follows, naturally, is the thought, “expensive,” but this is exactly why the Santa Maria Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) is a great option to consider. Not only is it less expensive than northern California for homeowners, upstart winemakers are also flocking to the region. You’ll get to immerse yourself in a burgeoning wine scene, and still have local access to established vineyards. The climate is also perfect for Pinot grapes, being mild during the day, and cooling down at night. And again, the location and landscape of California alone is enough to convince most anyone to move there. Enjoy some local wine, day-trip to the coast or the mountains, and experience everything Santa Maria has to offer.


Traverse City, Michigan: Wine Center of the Midwest

Michigan? Isn’t that place perpetually under a foot of snow? Being a native of this northern gem of a state, I cannot blame anyone for perceiving it as a barren tundra of hardened lumberjacks with icicles forming on their facial hair. Few too many people know how absolutely gorgeous the summers are. Most think of Detroit, but in actuality, Detroit is located in the southernmost region of the state. Traveling north, you’ll see endless forests of pine trees, numerous lakes, rivers and waterfalls, even mountains, towering dunes, and hundred-foot cliff-sides. Situated in the north-west corner of the lower-peninsula, Traverse City has established itself as a wine center of the past decade. The beauty of Lake Michigan, coupled with the same latitudinal location as that of France and Italy, provides great coastal breezes, and perfect conditions to grow. Yes, the winters can be brutal, but they really just force you to appreciate the beauty and warmth of the unmatched Michigan summer. What’s a little snow compared to the availability of great local wine?


Ashland, Oregon: Pacific Northwest Wine Country

Looking at different regions throughout the country, this list would certainly not be complete without the inclusion of the upper north-west. The rainy, balmy climate produces an almost 8-month growing season comparable to those in Europe. This means the grapes are truly top-notch, and allows for the city’s over one-hundred wineries. The area’s Bear Creek Wine trail has won an incredible amount of state-sponsored awards in past years, making it one of the most favorable areas to consider for living. Plus, Oregon is an absolutely stunning place to live. Great views, nice people, and all the local wine you can ever want!

Though wine might be a top mark to check when considering your next location, it is worth noting that the schooling in these areas are well marked, and the job markets are performing above average. Whichever city you choose, the wine will certainly be delectable, and the location spectacular to call home. Go get tangled in the vines and wines of these great cities!


About the Author: Haley loves beer, wine and traveling, and she loves writing about it all. Watching an Arizona sunset with a stout in hand is one of her favourite ways to wind down for the day.


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