3 Ways to Find a “Winery Near Me”

  1. Search JustWine for Companies by Wine Region
    We’ve been building an extensive collection of local wineries. Search the companies by wine region. Example: ‘Naramata
  2. Local Wine Events
    JustWine helps you find local wineries with our extensive list of wine events from geographies around the world.
  3. Google Maps is Your Friend
    It’s the most effective way to find local businesses, and wineries are no different; don’t believe us? Check out Kelowna wineries on Google Maps


As you explore all of the “wineries near me”, elevate your wine tasting experience with the JustWine App!
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Build a personal collection of ratings/reviews of all the wines you taste

Go to the Discover section and search for your favorite wineries and wines. As you find them you can add them to your wine cellar. Feel free to add reviews which can be published publicly for the entire community to see or keep them private. The choice is yours. Your dashboard will give you insights into what wines you have in your cellar.


Grapes in a Vineyard
Image by: Yair Aronshtam


After you’ve explored all of those “wineries near me”, WRITE ABOUT IT!

JustWine accepts and publishes reviews, ratings, and opinion pieces from our users and readers. Did you visit your favorite winery or have a great wine and food pairing at your favorite wine bar? Tell the world about your experience and share it on JustWine! To get started, create your account here, then once you’re logged in, click “articles” to start your piece.


winery near me
Image by: Serge Esteve on Unsplash


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