When is Cabernet Day?

National Cabernet Day falls on the Thursday before Labour Day. The holiday was thought up in 2010 by Rick Bakas and ever since has been celebrated with the hashtag #CabernetDay!

In 2019, Cabernet Day will be celebrated on Thursday, August 29th. Learn about the 3 types of Cabernet wines below to help you decide which Cabernet, you’re going to celebrate with:


What is Cabernet?

The robust Cabernet family brings us some of the world’s best wines. The three types of Cabernet wines are Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Ruby Cabernet.

The Cabernet family vine looks like this: Cabernet Franc begot Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Sauvignon begot Ruby Cabernet.


What colour is Cabernet?

Cabernet wines are made from red grapes, so typically cabernet wines are red in colour. They can be used in red blends to give them a deeper red almost purple colour, however, Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon are often found as standalone wines.

As a matter of fact, the popularity of the son has overcome the father and Cabernet Sauvignon is not only the most planted varietal in the world, but it is also the most purchased.



What is Cabernet Sauvignon?

Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied wine is grown all over the world. It is a very good example of how a varietal receives different qualities from its terroir. Due to its high tannic nature, it ages superbly, but it can still be drunk young especially if you like a wine with sturdy tannins. Click here to learn more about the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety.


When is Cabernet Sauvignon Day?

Cabernet Sauvignon has its own international day, and it’s pretty close to Cabernet Day too! International Cabernet Sauvignon day is on August 30th.


Is Cabernet Sauvignon dry or sweet?

Like most wines, Cabernet Sauvignon can be dry or sweet. Most Cab Sauvs are made with 2 to 11 grams per litre of residual sugar, which would make these wines considered dry or extra dry. But of course, winemakers can choose to make the wines sweeter as they choose.


What does Cabernet Sauvignon taste like? Flavours and Aromas of Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Fruit: Dark fruits, blackberry, black current, dark cherry, red fruits
  • Vegetable: Green bell pepper
  • Floral: Violets
  • Spice: Pepper, Licorice/Anise
  • Earth: Tobacco, Leather


What foods pair well with Cabernet Sauvignon?

If Cabernet Sauvignon is your choice of Cab for #CabernetDay, you’ll want to pair it with some strong cheeses like Stilton, Cheddar and Gruyere. If you’re looking to pair your Cab Sauv with an entree, try roasted and grilled vegetables like peppers and mushrooms. And of course, for dessert, nothing complements Cabernet Sauvignon better than chocolate!

Check out our list of Cabernet Sauvignon wines to drink for Cabernet Day.


What is Cabernet Franc?

Cabernet Franc has a lighter colour than Cabernet Sauvignon and while it retains some of the same characteristics, it is a more medium-bodied alternative. It thrives in cooler climates like Bordeaux and Northern Italy where it is used in red blends but is used as a single varietal in Loire Valley and also Canada for ice wine. Many warmer new world regions like Australia, South Africa and South America are also experimenting with it and having incredible results. Click here for a more in-depth look on the Cabernet Franc wine variety.


When is Cabernet Franc Day?

Cabernet Franc also has its own international day– we just love the Cabernets! International Cabernet Franc day is on December 4th.


What does Cabernet Franc taste like? Flavours and Aromas of Cabernet Franc

  • Fruit: Raspberry, blackcurrant, blueberry
  • Vegetable: bell pepper, tomato leaves, grass
  • Floral: violets
  • Spice: cassis, pepper
  • Earth: tobacco, graphite, pencil shavings


What foods should you eat with a Cabernet Franc wine?

Cabernet Franc has a medium body and medium tannins, which makes it very food-friendly. It’s the perfect wine for your Cabernet Day festivities! Cab Franc pairs well with lighter meats like chicken and pork. Due to its veggie aromas and flavours, it also goes quite well with Italian foods that use fresh herbs like pizza, pasta and especially a lasagna. If you’re feeling Charcuterie, add strong cheeses like blue, gorgonzola and goat cheese. And for dessert an alluring poached, baked or caramelized red fruit dish is lovely.

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What is Ruby Cabernet?

Ruby Cabernet, the least known member of the Cabernet family, is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan. It is what is known as an Olmo grape variety. This is the name given to all grape varieties created by Dr. Harold Olmo at UC Davies in California. He created this hybrid in order to obtain the superior qualities of the Cabernet family, but the heat resistance of the Carignan. It is grown in many warmer climates and is used to improve the qualities of bulk and table wines, but without making the product too expensive as adding Cabernet Sauvignon would. You could call it a filler grape.


When is Ruby Cabernet Day?

Unfortunately, Ruby Cabernet does not have its own official day. (sad face) However, if someone decides to make one up, you can always let us know! In the meantime, you can check out our complete list of all the wine holidays in the year.


Are there Ruby Cabernet wines that are not blends?

Yes, there are Ruby Cabernet wines that are not part of a blend, like Botticelli Coleção Ruby Cabernet from Brazilian winery, Vale do São Francisco and Sweet Ruby Cabernet 2005 from Texas winery Lone Star Wine Cellars.


What does Ruby Cabernet wine taste like? Flavours and Aromas of Ruby Cabernet

  • Fruit: cherry, raspberry and red fruits
  • Vegetable: bell pepper
  • Floral: violets and other strong florals
  • Spice: pepper
  • Earth: tobacco


What foods go well with Ruby Cabernet?

A standalone Ruby Cabernet wine would pair well with cured meats or cheese such as Mozzarella, Monterey Jack and Swiss. A Ruby Cabernet blend, it is a little more tricky as it depends which other varieties are part of the blend. A safe bet would be foods that have a butter base and more specifically French-inspired cuisine. However, if you’re having trouble, check out our guide to pairing wine with any type of food.


Whichever way you take your Cabernet,
we hope a have a glorious National Cabernet Day!


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