Leftover Turkey Dishes and Wine Pairings — The Day After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is just as good the second time around. Now that we’re waking up from our turkey induced comas it’s time to survey the leftovers. We know you’re asking yourself, “What do I do with all this turkey?!” Fear not, Just Wine is on hand to help you out with a few recipes to put all that delicious turkey to use. Of course, we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you we’re doing this just so we can recommend a few awesome wines to drink, too!


Leftover Turkey Dish #1: The Classic Day-After Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich Paired with Dry Rosé

My favourite way to gobble up all that leftover turkey is via the classic turkey sandwich. There are a number of ways to create this seasonal favourite and we’ve sourced out the best of the bunch.

Try hot turkey sandwich covered in gravy from Simply Recipes. Keep it simple by layering the leftovers — slices of dark meat and white meat, a bit of stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise piled high on soft whole wheat bread. It’s easy and tasty!

Want to get away from the classic? Here are a couple of recipes for non-traditional leftover turkey sandwiches. The first is a southwest flavour explosion from Martha Stewart, including fresh avocado called the Southwestern Turkey Club. You can also go with a Vietnamese style sub with this recipe for Turkey Bánh mì from BBC Good Food.

No matter what way you make it, pile it high, or smother it in gravy, there are about a million ways to make a fantastic turkey sandwich and nothing goes better with that sandwich than a big glass of dry rosé wine. With notes of cranberry, strawberry and citrus, rosé compliments the all those tasty sandwich flavours with mouthwatering acidity.

Our Rosé wine recommendation:
Doña Paula Rosé of Malbec — Mendoza, Argentina


Leftover Turkey Dish #2: Turkey Pot Pie Three Ways Paired with Gamay Noir Wine.

Whipping up a turkey pot pie is an easy way to use up all that leftover turkey crowding your fridge. It also freezes well if you prefer to make a batch of smaller pies to save for a later date. Here are three tasty dishes that are all very different from each other. Fortunately, they all pair well with a juicy Gamay Noir and there will be plenty around during holiday season.

Taste of Home has a phenomenal recipe for Stuffing Crust Turkey Pot Pie which not only uses up the leftover turkey, but puts the stuffing and mashed potatoes on double duty as well.

If the pie crust is too much work, you can easily avoid it with this non-traditional recipe for Turkey Pot Pie with Cheese-Cornbread Topping from Canadian Living.

For the traditionalists, we also found a classic turkey pot pie recipe. All Recipes has a delicious traditional recipe called Dad’s Leftover Turkey Pot Pie.

No matter which dish you choose, you can wash it all down with a light bodied Gamay Noir that goes great with any turkey offering. With its mouthwatering acidity and lower alcohol level, it’s the best wine for the day after Thanksgiving, or any holiday you’ve been celebrating.

Our Gamay Noir wine recommendation:
JoieFarm 2016 Gamay — Okanagan Valley, Canada


Leftover Turkey Dish #3: Homemade Turkey Soup with Classic Chardonnay

Like a warm hug, turkey soup is a common and comforting way to use up those leftovers. If you’re not turkey’d out, it’s also an excellent side dish for your turkey sandwich. You might already have your own traditional turkey soup recipe like this classic Homemade Turkey Soup Recipe from Betty Crocker.

Why not try something new this year? If you still have a lot of stuffing left over, you can use it up with this recipe for Turkey Vegetable Soup with Stuffing Dumplings from the Food Network.

Both soups are a tasty dish with a classic lightly oaked Chardonnay. Avoid big oaky, buttery, fruit bomb Chardonnays because they’ll over power the flavours of the soup. Choose a cool climate Chardonnay with very subtle oak flavours from Canada, Oregon or Burgundy.

Our Chardonnay wine recommendation:
Domaine Faiveley Bourgogne Blanc


Leftover Turkey Dish #4: Tex-Mex Turkey with Spanish Garnacha (Grenache)

Turkey is an easy substitute for chicken, so for recipes that would typically call for shredded chicken, throw in that leftover turkey. A fun and easy way to use up some of that turkey is make it a taco! The Cooking Channel has a great recipe for Turkey Tacos that can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes.

If you’re looking for heartier fare that’s perfect for Sunday football, we suggest this recipe for Leftover Turkey Chili from the Food Network that will definitively hit the spot. Speaking of Sunday football, how about some Thanksgiving Leftover Nachos from Chowhound as perfect afternoon snacks while watching the game.

A spicy Spanish wine with lots of fruit character will hit the spot with all these Tex-Mex treats. We recommend Grenache — or as they say in Spanish: Garnacha. With its dark fruit, and herbal aromatics and a little baking spice, Garnacha is a delicious pairing for anything savoury or spicy and great on its own, too.

Our Garnacha wine recommendation:
Tandem 2016 Inmune Garnacha — Navarra, Spain


Leftover Turkey Dish #5: Turkey Pasta with Chianti Classico

There are so many delicious things you can do with leftover turkey, cooking it into a fabulous Italian inspired dish is obviously one of them. What’s Gaby Cooking has an easy Turkey Spaghetti Bake that is simple to throw together and takes very time to prepare.

Manicotti is a tasty Italian favourite with a delightful cheesy filling and savoury tomato sauce. Try adding turkey like this Easy Turkey Manicotti with Italian Veggies from the Food Network.

Lasagna is another Italian favourite of many, give this non-traditional dish a try from Delish: Turkey and Veggie Lasagna with lots of veggies to set you back on track after all that stuffing and mash potatoes.

Any hearty, tomato-based meal will match well with Chianti, an Italian favourite. The recommendation is “if it grows together, it goes together” and Italy is a great example of that pairing principle. Juicy, sweet tomatoes with flavourful Sangiovese (the grape in Chianti wines) are meant to be together.

Our Chianti wine recommendation:
Ser Lapo Chianti Classico — Tuscany, Italy


Leftover Turkey Dish #6: Healthy Turkey Salads with Sauvignon Blanc

After all the indulgence and rich foods of the holiday, some may be looking for lighter, healthier meals. Leftover turkey can easily be whipped into a salad. Chowhound has a tasty Turkey Waldorf Salad recipe that can be made into a sandwich or served on top of fresh lettuce.

We love recipes from Jamie Oliver! Here’s a delightful Turkey Salad with Warm Clementine Dressing, which is easy to prepare and carries the flavours of the holidays long after your turkey coma is over.

Cooking Light also has some tasty salad recipes to use up that turkey, like their Curried Turkey, Spinach, and Cashew Salad or Asian Turkey Salad.

A good quality Sauvignon Blanc matches well with the zip and freshness of any of these great salad recipes. Refreshing acidity with lots of citrus and tropical fruit flavours found in Sauvignon Blanc are a great accompaniment to these post-holiday healthier alternatives to a turkey sandwich.

Our Sauvignon Blanc wine recommendation:
Dog Point Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc — Marlborough, New Zealand


Did we miss your favourite recipe for using up those post-holiday leftovers? Let us know by clicking right here and we’ll make sure to pair it with a great wine for the next article (and don’t worry, you’ll get all the credit!)


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