“Quattro Goombas” is Italian for four close friends and defines the heart of our business. The brand represents our passion for friendship, family, celebration and tradition.”

Those cornerstones were omnipresent when we recently spent a morning and afternoon exploring the winery, where an expansive Quattro Goomba’s brewery is now open, too.

All About Quattro Goombas Winery

Nestled in Virginia’s foothills, the rural wine oasis is a 45-minute cruise from our nation’s Capitol, where it exudes an intimate feel that’s somewhat unexpected of such an expansive plot. The land is peppered with aging oak trees and distantly flanked by gorgeous Virginia homes scattered about rolling hills.

Winemakers produce high-quality, handcrafted Mediterranean-style wine using old world methods that have been passed down many generations. Our personal favorite, “Vino Di nonni,” or “grandfather’s wine,” is a light-bodied, dry and fruity blend that’s the product of a long-kept family secret.

Quattro Goomba’s offers tastings in a quaint, rustic log cabin where visitors can choose to sip in the comfort of its cozy indoor spaces, or opt to take a seat on one of its outdoor patios. The winery, itself, houses a pizza shop and acoustic music stage.

Since it’s a dog-friendly property, owners encourage visitors to bring their furry friends along. Guests are free to picnic and explore the grounds after their tastings, too!

Whether you are a wine “newbie,” or a keen oenophile, you’ll appreciate the quality — and the company — at Quattro Goomba’s. We certainly did!

Check out the Quattro Goomba’s Winery website for more information, or plan a visit it at 22860 James Monroe Highway in Aldie, Va.