Beat the cold weather chills with warm spices & thick soups

When it’s cold outside, a good hearty soup recipe is sure to warm your heart and give that all-over good feeling of fulfillment. These two fantastic soup recipes that can help you jump the gun on winter and warm you up while providing that sustenance your body needs to combat the chills.


Recipe: Curried Kohlrabi and Potato Soup

This hearty curry soup features the uncommon ingredient, Kohlrabi, along with the delicious flavours of ginger and garlic. You’ll see in the recipe there is also Tamari which is a Japanese version of soy sauce that has little or no wheat.

The kohlrabi aka German Turnip
is related to cabbage and cauliflower
NOT turnips!


Recipe: Homemade Guilty Pleasure Soup

This rich soup will stick to yer insides! It’s got all the comfort you need on a cold day: pancetta, cheese, white wine, pasta and more! Tonnes of flavour with chili powder, garlic and grainy mustard makes this the ultimate homemade guilty pleasure.

Garnish this soup with
crushed BBQ chips, breadcrumbs
and fresh diced tomato!


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