It’s a “holiday” that is officially recognized in the United States, but we believe Pizza Day should be celebrated by everywhere. Here are a few pizza styles and pizza-friendly wines to enjoy on this most delicious day. If you’re not sure what you should be drinking tonight for Pizza Pie Day, we can help.

Wine & Pizza Pairing Principle: If it grows together, it goes together!

We’re not here to debate the origin of pizza or which country makes it best. We don’t want to get too political on a hot topic like pizza. What we can tell you is that what grows together, goes together which means regional pizzas pair best with wines found nearby.

3 Regional Pizzas and the Best Wines To Pair with them:

Image Source: Planeta Sicily: Nero d’Avola and Sicilian Pizza

For an authentic Sicilian experience the following toppings may just whisk you away to that beautiful Italian island:

  • tomato sauce, oregano, anchovies, sautéed onions and caciocavallo cheese, topped with bread crumbs and olive oil

We pair this with a delicious Nero d’Avola from Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria; with it’s fresh cherry, blueberry and pomegranate flavours as well as hints of black pepper and sweet spice.


Source: Fox Run VineyardsNew York: Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc and Pepperoni Pizza

Here we go for the extra wide slice you can fold over in true New York fashion. The toppings vary, but the foundation is always the same – a high gluten crust with an a little oil gathered in the crease.

  • tomato sauce, sliced pepperoni, full fat mozzarella, topped with dried oregano, chilies flakes and grated parmesan cheese.


We pair this with Fox Run Vineyards Cabernet Franc, a wine hailing from the Finger Lakes region in New York State. Bold flavours of dark plum and ripe raspberry balanced with savoury olives, green tobacco leaf and silky tannins.


Canada: Ontario Gewurtztraminer and Hawaiian Pizza

This much debated pizza is not actually from Hawaii. In fact, it was created by a Greek man, Sam Panopoulos, who relocated to Ontario. Itget_image.php.html was an experiment with canned pineapple and it worked! Although he passed on last year, the controversy lives on.

  • tomato sauce, sliced ham, canned pineapple (for authenticity), mozzarella cheese

We pair this with a Gewürztraminer from Cave Spring Cellars. All the tropical fruit with just a hint of sweetness, this wine has intense aromatics of orange blossom and lychee with a soft palate of ripe pear, citrus and ginger spice.


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