What: Somm by SYNEK, a wine dispenser that will change the face of the wine industry.

Who: SYNEK will partner with Just Wine, The Wine Tasting Network and at least 20 US Wineries.

When: The launch and partnerships were announced on April 19, 2016

In 2014, SYNEK launched one of the most lucrative Kickstarter campaigns of all time for its counter top beer dispenser, coined “The Keurig for Craft Beer.” Now, the company has launched a new dispense for wine called “Somm” – the world’s first intelligent system that actually learns what wines you prefer, ships them direct to door, and pours them perfectly on your counter.

SYNEK reached its $100K Kickstarter goal for Somm in the first 15 hours of the 30 day pre-order campaign, and sold out its “Early Adopter” pledge level in the first 3 days. This week it has announced some big updates and key partnerships for rapid and immediate growth.

“Somm learns your palate so you only drink great wine.” It is the first wine system that learns each wine lover’s preferences via a rating algorithm more advanced than Netflix’s for entertainment. Somm orders personalized (to your palate), sommelier approved wines and delivers them directly to your door in new patent-pending ‘smart bottle’ packaging, called a “Sylo.” Before dispensing, Somm auto-adjusts its temperature and aeration settings for each unique Sylo to produce the perfect pour every time. Its proprietary delivery system costs 70% less than bottles, causes an 80% smaller carbon footprinter, and the technology behind the Sylo never exposes wine to the elements, so wine virtually never goes bad. A mobile application accompanies Somm to provide further engagement on all your devices. Within the first week of the campaign, Somm has garnered much attention and attracted several key partners for strategic growth.

On Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 SYNEK announced a partnership with Just Wine, a mobile app for discovering and rating wines. Just Wine is the largest wine content producer in the world with over a quarter million members in its community. Further SYNEK announced its first partnership with a wine network, The Wine Tasting Network. WTN is the largest direct to door wine supplier with hundreds of thousands of members in its community. Lastly, SYNEK announced the first wave of winery partnerships. Twenty or more of the US’s finest and largest wineries will publicly announce their alignment with Somm by SYNEK (alongside the several hundred more who wish to remain private at this time). These massive partnerships will drastically accelerate Somm’s growth in the data, wine and home-deliver arenas.

In short, Somm by SYNEK guarantees you’ll love every glass.

Image by Synek


“We made a big splash on the beer side of things (and we continue to grow), but I think Somm could have an even larger and more immediate impact on wine (because of what we learned with beer). There hasn’t been significant innovation in this industry in decades; consumers are demanding it and industry leaders are partnering with us. We believe technology can make a positive impact without compromising the tradition of winemaking and consuming; especially this Netflix-­like preference algorithm. We see Somm as the natural first step for those new to, or overwhelmed by, wine. Further, once sommeliers and connoisseurs see the effectiveness of Somm, I think they’ll see it as the natural next step for the industry.” – Steve Young, Founder of SYNEK


With Somm, SYNEK has reinvented wine packaging, distribution, consumption, and data optimization.

As soon as the ‘smart bottle’ Sylo enters Somm, simple RFID (radio­frequency identification) technology allows Somm to know what wine is being inserted and automatically change the temperature and aeration for that specific wine. (The pour is perfect every time, like the winery intended, without any manual tampering.) The dispenser utilizes a special fitment to engage the Sylo; the pump inside utilizes a one­way extraction to remove the wine from the Sylo (a patent­pending airtight and collapsible container) without exposing it to air or light. The wine virtually never goes bad due to a special pump/packaging interaction. Somm connects with each user’s smartphone (and other devices) to provide a ratings system and additional content and engagement. (It prompts the user to rate the wine after a few glasses). Anyone can learn about wine and develop their unique palate at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home; just like Netflix for entertainment or Pandora for music. Moreover, Somm learns each user’s habits, recommends wines they’ll love, and can automatically order new wine when the supply runs low. Then, SYNEK’s in­house sommeliers use the collected ratings from a back­end algorithm more advanced than Netflix’s to continue to evolve the collection to perfectly fit its community members. Last, Sylos are 100% recyclable, and cleaning Somm is as easy as a push of a button to purge the internal tubing. (Somm does not need to be cleaned very often because the tubing is lined with a high­end silver which is resistant to absorption or microbes.) Designed to appeal to new wine drinkers and connoisseurs alike, Somm “holds your hand” as much or as little as you desire; it’s purpose is solely to augment the wine experience.
The Industry

According to the Wine Market Council , Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as America’s largest wine­loving demographic.

Those 79 million Millennial wine drinkers are largely new to wine and therefore often overwhelmed and more value­driven. They’re also exceedingly more eco­conscious and open to innovative technology. That said, currently, most wine clubs and delivery services are expensive, authoritative, wasteful, and geared towards wine aficionados. Somm provides value for all wine enthusiasts, however, there is a large opportunity specifically with Millennials.

About SYNEK, Maker of Somm

SYNEK was founded in 2013, with the ambitious goal of providing access to any beer ever made on draft anywhere in the world. Founder Steve Young is a former stock analyst who covered large retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s. Co­Founders Michael Werner and Eric Stoddard come from eclectic startup and craftsmanship aficionado backgrounds, respectively; they round out and balance Steve’s leadership. Currently based in St. Louis and Denver, SYNEK got off the ground when its team won a startup pitch competition for $20K. A successful $650K Kickstarter brought its first product, a novel countertop beer dispenser coined “The Keurig for Craft Beer,” to market. Having elevated the beer experience (packaging, tech, data, extended shelf­life) into the 21st Century, the company is now modernizing the world of wine with Somm. SYNEK is the parent company of SYNEK Beer, Craft Conscious (a craft beverage web series and podcast) and Somm by SYNEK.