Flat Bottles Means Garçon Wines can Deliver Straight to Your Home!

Winner of the CNBC Show Pop Up Start Up, a UK based wine retailer, Garçon Wines is the first company to deliver full-sized bottles of wine directly into your home, through your mail slot or to your mailbox. No more picking up heavy wine boxes from the store or the post office.

About Garçon’s Flat Wine Bottles

Garçon Wines works with wine experts to source wines from around the world and then transfers them to their own specially designed wine bottles. These bottles fit 750ml of wine and are made of high quality “glass-like” plastic. The plastic actually serves a double purpose; it is environmentally friendly and prevents the bottle from shattering when it is conveniently dropped off at your home through your mail slot!

Video Featuring Garcon Wines Co-Founder

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