We stumbled upon this and we’re honestly not sure what to make of it. So we’re going to give you all the information we have, then let you decide.


Is there anything you can’t put in an Instant Pot?

We know. It’s unbelievable really. Everyone is going Instant Pot crazy these days. You can hardly scroll through Pinterest anymore without seeing someone pinning something about throwing ingredients into an Instant Pot and making the next best thing ever.


But Instant Pot Wine? Come on! Where do we draw the line? Or do we even have a line anymore?


Apparently not.

how to make wine in an instant pot

There’s no room for wine snobs here

We’re not wine snobs here at Just Wine (look for our Donut & Wine Pairings Article coming soon if you don’t believe us!) We’re all about making wine approachable for everyone. If you’re a wine professional, we’ve got educational articles and industry news. If you’re a newbie we can teach you a few tricks to enjoy wine a little more. If you’re a foodie, we’ve got recipes galore.

We’ve never really jumped into the world of making your own wine. Until now. Until we learned how easy it is to make your own wine from a bottle of Welch’s and some yeast. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. We’ll walk you through it with the help of David Murphy.

Would you try Instant Pot Wine? Tell us below!


About David Murphy’s Instant Pot Recipes on Food N Service

David Murphy has this great blog site called Food N Service: Family-Recipes-Special Needs-Life. His household has 9 people and 2 dogs so who has time to make fancy meals and drink fancy wine? Not David Murphy. Which is why his website is filled with great ideas about life and more Instant Pot recipes than you’ll know what to do with. He’s an Instant Pot Recipe Enthusiast and a Lifestyle Blogger.

In fact, he calls himself The Instant Pot Wine Guy!


Here is David Murphy’s Instant Pot Wine Recipe


If the Instant Pot Wine doesn’t prove our non-wine-snobbery, this article on how to pair wine with Halloween candy should do the trick (or treat!)