Malbec: Argentina’s Signature Grape Variety

Malbec is a big deal in Argentina. Its signature grape is as closely tied to Argentina as Sauvignon Blanc is to New Zealand, or Zinfandel to Sonoma. Most wine drinkers love Malbec, with its big, almost jammy fruits, silky textures, and firm tannins, it is a perfect match to walk hand in hand with our love of big beef and barbecue.

Why Does Malbec Thrive in Argentina?

In Argentina, the high elevations and dry conditions of Mendoza seem to let this grape reach its full potential. In other locations it can tend towards greenness, but in the higher altitudes of Argentina’s wine country it becomes floral, spicy, and while it will never be mistaken for subtle, it packs a nuance that is rarely seen in this grape elsewhere.


Celebrate World Malbec Day

The Argentineans take Malbec rather seriously and it is definitely its most well-known wine export, so few years ago they chose to promote “World Malbec Day” which has been surprisingly well received. Taking place on April 17, a number of Malbec-themed events happen all over the world, including Canada.


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Tom Firth’s Top 12 Malbec Wines


Norton 2010 Reserve Malbec

CUMA 2012 Organic Malbec

Enrique Foster NV Sparkling Malbec

Punto Final 2011 Reserva Malbec

Zuccardi Q 2011 Malbec

Masi Tupungato 2010 Passo Doble

Recuerdo 2011 Malbec

Catena Alamos Malbec

Argento 2012 Malbec

Dona Paula 2011 Estate Malbec

Luigi Bosca 2010 Finca Las Nobles


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