An Aboriginal-Inspired Restaurant

People often ask me how are Canadians different than Americans? What is Canadian food? I list off a few of the differences that I see and as far as food, I usually never know what to say beyond Poutine and BeaverTails (for those of you who don’t know, this is not actual beaver tail. It is a dish made of flattened deep fried dough that is shaped like a beaver tail with different toppings. Usually a dessert, but I have seen some savoury ones as well). After my most recent trip to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I finally know what to tell people about contemporary Canadian cuisine; it is delish!

Bison Cheeseburger With Saskatoon Berry Relish
Image by: Homefire Bar & Grill


Canadian food is defined by the dishes at Homefire Bar & Grill

The dishes at Homefire Bar & Grill are strongly influenced by First Peoples’* food and culture. Many of the items are fire-roasted for an incredible and earthy flavour. The beautiful and elegant atmosphere of the restaurant complete with First Peoples’ art, drawings and touches, is also enhanced by sitting around an indoor fireplace designed to look like a fire pit. Both family-friendly and great for a romantic evening this restaurant aims to please and boy do they succeed.

Homefire Interior
Image by: Homefire Bar & Grill


Homefire Bar & Grill Aboriginal-Inspired Menu

The menu includes dishes made with bison, elk and bannock (Bannock is a First Nations’ bread generally made over a fire) and at least 12 of the dishes are very creative signature dishes including pizza with bison meatballs, a bison cheeseburger with Saskatoon berry relish, and an Indian Summer Salad (Char broiled chicken breast over baby spinach and mixed greens, roasted corn, black beans, bacon, fried bannock and onion crisps with aged cheddar and creamy avocado dressing).

Pizza with Bison Meatballs
Image by: Homefire Bar & Grill


We were only 3 people, so it was hard to try everything (although we definitely wanted to). Two of our highlights were their sumptuous appetizer of fresh, fluffy and warm Bannock with whipped maple butter and the perfectly seasoned, flavourful Bison Salisbury Steak. They also have an incredible and varied wine list including many Canadian as well as international wines. Some Canadian notables being Nk’Mip Cellars, Gehringer Brothers and Inniskillin. I had the Inniskillin Vidal Ice Wine as a dessert and it was truly the perfect end to a great Canadian meal. If you’ve always wanted to try something from their wine list that may be a little over your budget, come check them out on Wine Wednesdays when all bottles are 50% off (check out Just Wine event section for more details).


Overall Review of Homefire Bar & Grill

Great food, excellent wine list and to complete the hat-trick fantastic service. Our server, Blaine, was really spectacular. Patient, funny, kind and FAST. Our food came in record time and he came around consistently to make sure everything was up to the highest standards.

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* First Peoples refers to First Nations, Inuit and Métis (descendents of English/French Settlers and First Nations people).


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