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What Kind of Wine Writer Is JustWine Looking For?

You! We’re looking for YOU!

We want to read content from people who are excited about all things wine to write about what they know. Whether you’re already a published writer, have your own blog or you’re just getting started and need a reputable platform, we want to read your original stories. JustWine has a community of writers that want to share they’re opinions, education and experience with other people who love wine.


I’m Looking for More Exposure as a Wine Blogger.

Everyone can use a little more recognition for their writing

JustWine will publish your article, with full credit! If you have a blog site or social media presence, we’ll include links to your site. That means more traffic to your site or business. It means recognition for you. We help you build your online brand — for free.


How do I Get Started Writing with JustWine?

Wine writing with JustWine is easy and free

The most efficient way to get published is to sign up for your very own JustWine account. IT’S FREE and there are NO ANNOYING POP UPS OR ADS. Create your personal profile with your contact information and a great pic of yourself. Then look for your profile drop down on the upper right corner of the page and click on “Articles.” Write your piece directly into Word Press on the site. Our content moderator will make any necessary edits for clarity, tone or style. When your article is published, we’ll contact you. Although we may not need to because you might see it all over social media! If you’re a little uncertain, email editor@justwineapp.com.


I Already Have A Successful Wine Blog. Why Should I Publish on JustWine?

Leverage your marketing efforts!

Voice is power, but reach often costs money. We know it can be difficult to either make a name for yourself or get traffic to your website, so we’re offering you a free method to grow your reach beyond Google and paid ads. Plus, we’re giving you the ability to eliminate the bigger fish that overpower your website on search rankings. In short – sharing your content on JustWine allows you to leverage more impressions to your site and augment your current marketing efforts at NO COST TO YOU.


What’s the Catch?

(Hint: there’s no catch)

We’re here to include you into the JustWine community – that’s the only catch. We benefit from using your content because it enriches our community. We believe that building a community and connecting people to their passion is important for the sustainment of an industry; your passion is writing; our audience is passionate about wine. It just makes sense to connect everyone together.

By the way, JustWine does not run google ads or pay-per-click campaigns;
so no, we’re not using your articles to generate display-ad revenue for us!


What kind wine content can I contribute as a wine writer?

Here are some wine content suggestions

Anything to do with wine! We have found that articles and posts that centre around education get the most traffic. “Old World vs. New World Wines?”, “10 Things to Do at a Wine Festival”, “Does the Type of Glassware I Use Really Matter?” Just make sure that all content is original (i.e. written by YOU), all sources are well-cited and images are either free source or your own.


What if I have a post, but it isn’t published?

Wine writing is a matter of timing

It could be a matter of timing. The timeline for content review is dependent on the current volume of submissions. We also have an extensive content calendar which means maybe we have your piece in mind for a post later in the year. It may sit on the back burner for a while until it makes more sense in our content calendar. It could also mean the piece needs major editing. Whatever the case, if for any reason your content doesn’t fit our submission guidelines, we’ll let you know.


Still reading? We’re glad you’re with us! We look forward to seeing what you have to share on JustWine. Make sure you contact us by clicking right here.