Happy Friends Day!

February 4th is “Friends Day”…as appointed by Facebook. As it turns out, it’s a celebration of Facebook’s official birthday… and what better way to make your birthday be heard, than to make it about everyone else, rather than yourself! GOOD JOB FACEBOOK!

Of course, Facebook released a heart-warming post covering the ins and outs of Friends Day… but we, at JustWine, are just happy there’s another day to celebrate with wine (and friends)!

So, HAPPY FRIENDS DAY, Friend — we hope your day is filled with warm hearts and good cheer…even if that cheer is simply you, a bottle of wine, and a good show on Netflix 😉


A Gift For Our Friends

Since we’re such great friends, here’s a gift from us to you. The gift one wine, right at your fingertips. Download the JustWine app today to find new wines, discover wineries near me, and attend local tasting events! The app is so special that only friends of JustWine, (like you), can download it.

The JustWine App is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Click below to download:

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