Nestled in the mountains of Pontevedra, the heart of the Rias Baixas region of Galicia, Spain lies a small family winery called Granbazan Winery. At Granbazan, the white Albarino grape is harvested by hand and pressed on site in their classic white and blue building, a modern facility set among beautiful old vines.

Origins of Albarino Grape & Granbazan Winery

Granbazan specializes in the popular regional grape Albarino. This grape has a long history in Spain and specifically in the town of Cambados. It was brought over by Cluny Monks in the 12th Century. Until recently, many people thought it was a Riesling because their tastes are similar, but after modern DNA testing proved them to be different, it was recognized as a different varietal and one that Spain and specifically the Rias Baixas region is very proud of.


Granbazan Winery Makes A Change

Many family cellars had been producing Albarino wine for personal consumption. Wines available for the masses were not always good quality, but in 1981, the Granbazan Winery decided to change this and with the goal of making Albarino wines among the top white wines in the world began investing in a highly skilled team of oenologists. They tested various methods of wine production to see what would best suit their prize grapes.

Granbazan was one of the first Albarino wine producers to mature its wines in French Oak barrels and they adopted two methods which they felt produced the best quality grapes and wine. Firstly they began to grow their grapes using the Pergola Trellis System (a grape growing method also used in Northern Portugal and Northern Italy) and secondly they developed a special process for cold maceration.

Now they are looking to lead the trend in enotourism in Spain and are waiting to open their doors and wines for you.

Image by: Granbazan Winery

Granbazan Winery’s 5 wines include:

Albarino Contrapunto


Etiquetta Verde

Etiquetta Ambar

Alvaro de Bazan


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