Having a sustainable winery is not just about the vineyard environment

Siegel Family Wines, is proud of their social and environmentally sustainable practices. They go into great detail about their sustainability practices and place emphasis on their code of ethics and safety for their employees and contractors.

Sustainability is not just about being organic or environmentally sustainable in the vineyard. It’s also important to look at sustainability in terms of suppliers, winery processes, production facilities on or off the property, work environment and the community.

The National Sustainability Code in Chile

In Chile, to be certified sustainable you must comply with colour coded regulations in the following three areas:

Orange = Social



Red = Processes


Green = Vineyards


Siegel Family Wines complies with Chile’s standards of sustainability

For example, in the orange social sustainability section they discuss business ethics and best practices. In the green environmental sustainability section they discuss biodiversity in the vineyard, implementation and management and in the red processes sustainability area they discuss different community projects they are involved in and how they are teaching their employees and the community at large about the environment.


Two sustainable projects that Siegle Family Wines is involved in are:

  1. the COAR Recycling Smiles Program which transfers the positive impacts of recycling paper and toner to benefit the needs of low-income families. It is widely understood that recycling has a positive long term impact on the environment by reducing waste, reducing energy, and reducing pollution, it also can have a positive social impact by improving the immediate quality of life for people in need.
  2. The Master Savings Plan which incorporates practices such as a protocol for turning out lights and equipment maintenance. I always get so angry when I see HUGE office buildings with all their lights on at night. It was nice to see this in a specific work plan.

So hopefully you are in one of those lucky countries that has Siegel Family Wines on the shelves of its local wine shop because they not only have an excellent sustainability policy, but they also have amazing wines.

Check out all the awards they have won.



Next time we will highlight Harris Organic Wines, Australia, which is Perth, Western Australia’s only organic winery.

Until then be good to your soul and the environment, enjoy a nice glass of sustainable, biodynamic or organic wine!

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