We’re not even really sure what “leftover wine” is. We’ve heard about it, but like unicorns, we’re convinced it’s a myth. At any rate, if leftover wine is a something you’ve got too much of, here are some helpful tips for what to do with your surplus of open wine.

Have a Party — You Can’t Drink ALL That Leftover Wine Yourself!

Christmas dinner is behind you and that New Year’s party rocked, but you’ve got SO MUCH leftover wine you’re not sure what to do with it. If it’s way more than you can actually drink by yourself, we suggest you invite a few friends over tonight for “New Year’s The Sequel.” This not only uses up all that leftover wine, it might also postpone that nasty holiday hangover.

Must-Have Gadgets That Can Make Leftover Wine Last Longer

Keep all that leftover wine to yourself! Check out these awesome gadgets to preserve that surplus of opened wine. Click here for a list of preservation tools from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. From the Coravin preservation system to vacuum pumps, there are plenty of ways to make your wine last longer.

Wine Ice Cubes — Cooking With Leftover Wine

If you cook with wine, another option is to freeze that leftover wine into little cubes so that you can use it later. This technique saves you from having to open new bottles if you only need a small amount. Learn that awesome technique in How to Freeze Wine for Cooking. Of course, we’re firm believers in drinking the wine you’re cooking with, too, so opening a new bottle is never a waste! However, freezing wine for cooking is still a great option if you’ve got more unused wine than you can handle.

No matter what decision you make, just please don’t pour it down the drain… because good wine is a terrible thing to waste!


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