The Separation of Church & State: A Winery That’s Good for the Soul and Good for the Environment

We’ve been around the world and back exploring the wonderful world of organic, biodynamic, and vegan wines. Today, we land back in my home, Canada. We are going all the way to the beautiful west coast to Church & State Wines.

Are Church & State Wines Vegan Friendly?

Church & State is on all the lists I checked for vegan wines, but what I found interesting was that neither their website nor their promo material makes any mention of it. Why? Good question. I don’t know. It should also be noted that while their wines are vegan, their onsite bistro is not. It does, however, use all local products in order to support local farmers, which is always a great choice.

Funny Wine Labels for Lost Inhibitions

While Church & State has chosen to keep their vegan message quiet they do send plenty of other messages loud and clear with their hysterical Lost Inhibitions labels.

Image by Church & State Wines

Designed to get across a variety of different messages, these hilarious wine labels have taken the wine world by storm. Messages that you’d never expect on wine bottles like:

Image by Church & State Wines Lost Inhibitions Label
Image by Church & State Wines
Image by Church & State
Image by Church & State Wines

or my personal favourite:

Image by Church & State Wines

I feel like in the wine world sometimes sense of humours can be lacking, but this winery leaves no holds barred with such a variety of fantastic and hilarious statements. It’s definitely better than a traditional card.

Be good to your soul and the environment, enjoy a nice glass of sustainable, biodynamic or organic wine!

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