Of course, the only sure way to not experience a hangover is not to over-drink. However, if you’re reading this, chances are we’re probably past that point. So here are some suggestions from a very important team that knows a thing or two about indulgence.


Suggested Remedies to Cure Your Hangover


“Slurpees or slushies are amazing for hangovers. I don’t know why but the sudden shock of coldness and the overload of sugar really helps me out a lot.” — Graphic & UI Designer

Hangover cure, slurpee, slushy, slush, ice cone, ice


“A good old Caesar and a greasy breakfast. Also, B12 vitamins!” — Executive Assistant


hangover cure, hangovers, caesar, Bloody Mary, drink
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“Mixing Pepto Bismol, 2 liquid Advils and coconut water, always worked for me.” — Business Development


“My best tip in avoiding a hangover is don’t stop drinking!” — Junior Designer


“Just don’t drink Hennessy. That sh*t gets me every time.” — Editor (Prevention is better than a cure)


hangover cure, hangovers, mimosa



“Drunk Me *generally* looks out for Tomorrow Me. Before bed, Drunk Me will down 2 glasses of water (because the worst hangovers are generally just from dehydration in my experience), and if Drunk Me is feeling exceptionally nice, he’ll get Tomorrow Me a Gatorade too! Oh – another remedy is to avoid all-day drinking (like the ones that happen when you go on an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico). You feel like you’ve built up a tolerance to booze throughout the day and you drink more to feel rad. The next thing you know, you’re black-out drunk, or hugging the porcelain throne. There are no remedies once that happens; you’re gonna be hungover for sure… possibly for days.” — Creative Director


“You need a glass of water, a cup of coffee, a caesar, then a mimosa. In that order. Throw down some eggs benny, then have another mimosa. You’ll be fine. — Staff Writer

hangover cure, hangovers, mimosa


“The best remedy I can think of is Just Water.” — CEO of JustWine and JustBeer


If those were not enough, perhaps try these weird hangover remedies from around the world. Warning: some of them are crazy gross so you might want to read it before your hangover.


Note: If you’ve been drinking, do not drive. Excessive drinking can lead to all kinds of physical, emotional and psychological issues, so we want to encourage everyone to drink responsibly. Also, this should be obvious, but we are not medical professionals, so these “cures” probably won’t work! Always Drink Responsibly!

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