(Strawberry Wine Recipe Posted with permission from Jen’s Reviews)


This just might be the best Homemade Strawberry Wine you’ve ever tasted! Here’s the recipe for a delicious fruit wine. Follow the directions below for a tasty DIY wine you can proudly serve to guests for your next backyard summer BBQ.

Start TODAY – this summer fruit wine takes a year to ferment!

Ingredients for Homemade Strawberry Wine:

3 kilograms of whole washed clean strawberries
23 liters of hot water
1 whole lemon juice
2.2 kilograms of organic sugar

Directions for Homemade Strawberry Wine:

  1. Crush strawberries in a large ceramic Jar.
  2. Pour in the hot water and then pour in the lemon juice and mix thoroughly for 2 – 3 minutes.
  3. Cover the jar with a very clean fine cloth and let it sit in a dark and cool place. Stir every single day for about a week.
  4. After the first week, strain the strawberry liquid into a clean bow. Use two layers of cheesecloth for straining. Throw away the leftover pulp.
  5. Mix the strained strawberry liquid with the organic sugar and stir, pour the mixture into another clean ceramic jar and leave it be for another week, remember to stir daily again.
  6. After week two, transfer the strawberry liquid into glass bottles and lightly cork.
  7. Store in a dark and cool place for three months to turn into wine.
  8. When you notice that the wine is already clear and no more bubbles are showing, transfer the wine into multiple wine bottles, Seal with a cork and let it ferment for at least a year before consuming.
  9. After the long wait, serve it to your friends and families to impress them with your amazing wine making skills.


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