For wine and dog lovers this is a fabulous thing. Maybe the wineries will take it one step further and provide wine for dogs too. (Hint, hint wineries and patios this is the next big thing!) But some people aren’t too sure that they’d like to spend their hard earned wine evening with our furry best friends and I get it!


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It’s like the “controversy” of bringing kids to a restaurant. We have a general rule that when we take my 5 year old out it is only to family-friendly restaurants. Even then sometimes we still choose take-out depending on his ability to sit that day. I respect that people who go to a fine dining establishment don’t want to celebrate their romantic anniversary dinner with my son (who is wonderful, but sometimes lacks an indoor voice). I’d go with the same general rules for dogs, if you know your dog is a loud, yapper or likes to nip and bark at people maybe think twice.


Dog Not Good Around People
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Having dog-friendly wineries and patios gives dog lovers and non-dog lovers the option. Non-dog people can still choose to go to a winery that is not dog-friendly, if they absolutely don’t want to take the chance of sharing their wine experience with a furry friend or they can take the chance and go to a dog-friendly winery. Just because a place is dog-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a dog there. It is only a possibility. Maybe they could even have a dog section and a non-dog section like in the olden days of smoking in restaurants. This would be a great solution because I can respect that some people are allergic or terrified of dogs too. If this debate was about cats I’d feel the same way (I’m totally petrified). And yes, I’d gladly accept a kid section in restaurants. I’d actually get to enjoy my meal because I’d know that the people and families around us understand that kids aren’t always perfect, nor do they always behave exactly how you want them to at any given moment, so I’d only have to spend half the meal reminding him to use his indoor voice.


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Dog-friendly wineries are everywhere you can google them very easily, but here are some lists of dog-friendly wineries in Napa, Sonoma County, and Niagara. There are also some in the Okanagan Valley, but I wasn’t able to find a clear list. A few mentioned were: Road 13 Vineyards, Okanagan Crush Pad, and See Ya Later Ranch.


Image by: Early Mountain Vineyard