Having leftover wine can be uncommon for wine lovers, but in the rare instance you don’t finish that bottle of red with dinner– you don’t want it to go to waste. While there are many different methods to store and preserve wine, a recent wine expert has brought a new “wine hack” to the table that had a few wine drinkers raising eyebrows.

According to wine expert, Sam Tyson from winebuyers.com, leaving a previously opened bottle of red wine at room temperature will actually cause it to spoil faster. The sommelier with 20 years of experience says the best way to preserve an open bottle of red is to leave it in the fridge.


Is it OK to put red wine in the fridge?

The most common way to store opened red wine is to cork it and leave it upright in a cool, dark place. This is said to preserve the wine for another 3-5 days before it starts to get that vinegary taste that indicates it has been over oxidized and has gone bad. However, Tyson says that it is important to store red wines as you would whites, in the refrigerator.


Why should you store red wine in the fridge?

Sam Tyson explains that the reason for that red wine is best stored in the fridge is that any exposure to air will cause a red wine to lose its flavours and aromas. “Almost any reaction happens more slowly at cooler temperatures; making the fridge an excellent spot to rest your red,” Tyson says to the Daily Mail. “The more wine in the bottle means the longer the wine will remain fresh, just like milk.”


What temperature should I serve opened red wine?

While you want to store your opened red wine in the fridge, Tyson says you should remove the wine from the fridge and allow it to reach optimal temperature before serving. The wine expert even recommends decanting the wine for at least 30 minutes before pouring it into glasses.

It is important to remember that over-chilling wine can cause it to lose its taste and sweetness. Learn more about the optimal temperatures for each type of wine here.


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