Impress the wine enthusiast in your life. Here are some great DIY Wine Advent Calendars that we love! You can make these at home for any occasion, but of course the traditional Advent Calendar starts on December 1st and finishes up on Christmas Day, December 25th. Start collecting wine and materials now to get a jump on the Holiday Season.


Rustic Winter Wine Advent Calendar

DIY Wine Advent Calendar. Image by: Just Destiny Mag

This beautiful wooden wine advent calendar by Destiny Alfonso from Discover A World Market Blog allows you to count down the days while also adding a bit of rustic winter beauty to your holiday decorations.



Advent Tags for Your Wine Cellar

Wine Rack Advent Calendar. Image Source: Terrier Firma

These elegant Wine Advent Tags from Terrier Firma can be added to an already existing wine rack or collection. Each gold tag is numbered and has a different image perfect for capturing the holiday spirit. Use different themed tags if you’re creating something for a different special occasion. You could even make the tags yourself!



Drink the Wine, Hang the Ornament!

Christmas Tree Ornament Wine Advent Calendary. Image Source: Anna Monette Roberts

Celebrate Christmas Day with a POP! This special DIY calendar by Anna Monette Roberts from Pop Sugar includes a special sparkling wine for Christmas Day and ornaments that you can hang on your tree as you finish your bottles.


DIY Poster Tube Wine Advent Calendar

Poster Tube Wine Advent Calendar. Image Source: The Daily Edge

This idea from the Daily Edge has the fun element of surprise. Decorate some poster tubes with Holiday colors, glitter, symbols, etc. Then put your wine inside and close ’em up. Starting December 1 open up each tube for a great surprise every day until the 25th!


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