Have you ever tasted a wine at a restaurant and thought that something was not quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it? What do you smell?

  • Nothing?
  • Wet dog?
  • Damp cardboard?
  • Cauliflower?
  • Roasted nuts?

What does it all mean?! Does your wine have a fault?


My Wine is “Off” — Checking the Health of Your Wine

Sometimes you taste and wine and it’s awful. Undrinkable! It could be that you really don’t like that style of wine or that particular winery’s version of it. It could also be that the wine is unhealthy — it’s faulted, or as most people say it’s “off.”

There are some common faults that can occur in the wine that have nothing to do with personal preference. You can asses the health of a wine by smelling and/or tasting the wine and recognizing certain tell-tale signs that the wine is unhealthy or “off.”

The boys at Vinomofo have done a bang up job in this video which will help you to detect the faults you smell or taste in the wine you’re drinking.


Video: Wine Faults, Vinomofo TV Episode 14


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Here’s your chance to learn more about the health of your wine by checking out these common wine faults: