NakedWines wins Gold!

Tom Shula proudly announced “Working with a seasoned pro like Jim…to produce wine under my own label is truly a dream come true. I’m grateful to my fellow Angels for making it all possible, and I’m incredibly honored to win the gold at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.”

Tom created his award-winning Tom Shula Sonoma County Merlot under the guidance of veteran wine maker, Jim Olsen; and the best part? Because offered their state-of-the-art winery, he was able to skip the large cost-of-entry to become a winery, and get right to wine making.

So who are these angels that helped Shula? Wine lovers like you and me. Naked Wines is a revolutionary idea based on the crowd funding craze. According to the site “Our customers fund independent winemakers in return for exclusive access to delicious wines at wholesale prices.” These customers/funders are called Angels.



About is an online wine company that helps everyday wine lovers drink like the rich and famous. They do this by crowd-funding winemakers. Over 200,000 customers called Angels invest directly in winemakers by setting aside $40 per month, all of which goes toward their next purchase. The company invests these funds in top-tier winemakers around the world to make wine exclusively for

Thinking about becoming an Angel? Get started at

To learn more about the competition see the press release here on Just Wine.