Recipe for Holiday-Spiced Red Wine Cocktail

Best red wine to use for this Christmas cocktail: Malbec

Most people don’t realize that Christmas actually has a smell to it and if our smell memory serves us correctly it is vanilla and cinnamon. Fill your house with the smell of Christmas with this red wine cocktail from She Knows.

Holiday-spiced red wine cocktail recipe
Image by: She Knows


Sparkling Pear and Cranberry Moscato Cocktail Recipe

Wine used in this holiday cocktail: Moscato d’Asti

This delicious sparkler from Martha Stewart is made with Moscato d’Asti and can be made in just 15 minutes. It’s a great treat and classic twist on standard sparkling for parties.

Sparkling Pear and Cranberry cocktail
Image by: Kirsten Strecher


Cranberry and Rosemary White Christmas Sangria

Wine used in this cocktail recipe: Pinot Grigio

Jerry James Stone got this seasonal sangria just right for a holiday night. It is packed full of holiday spirit, so pop open that Pinot Grigio you have laying around and get stirring.

Image by: Jerry James Stone


Red Moon Over Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Best wine to use for this seasonal cocktail: Cabernet Sauvignon

Red wine makes everything better including the classic Manhattan cocktail. Sugar and Charm has added red wine to this timeless drink to make it perfect for the holiday season.

Image by: Sugar and Charm


Gluehwein / Mulled Wine Recipe

A great wine to used for this mulled wine recipe: California Merlot

Of course, we couldn’t leave you without a delicious mulled wine recipe, but instead of the standard, we are making the German/Austrian version from Else on All Recipes. This way even if you aren’t traveling this holiday season you can still feel like you are. To choose a great red for this recipe check out our 15 Under $15 (for Making Mulled Wine).

Mulled Wine Photo by: Hannah Pemberton, Unsplash


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