Wining and dining when you’re watching your carb or calorie intake requires discipline and a little creativity. Armed with knowledge and a few guidelines, you should be able to make better decisions about what you’re drinking.

We’re often asked if wine can be a moderate part of a healthy lifestyle or a short term diet. We can’t answer that for you definitively, as we are not nutrition or medical professionals, but we can give you information about wine, and answer some common questions people have when it comes to wine and weight loss.

We highly recommend you speak with a health professional for more information on dieting and weight loss.


Wine & Keto: Can you drink wine on Keto?

The Ketogenic or “Keto” Diet is a low-carb, high fat, high protein diet. The objective is to take in as little carbs as possible, so your body enters a state of “ketosis”, which means burning fat for energy as opposed to carbs. This diet can be tricky when it comes to drinking wine because sugar also equals carbs, so if a wine has a high residual sugar content, you probably can’t drink it on a keto diet. Learn how much sugar is in your wine here.

Can you drink alcohol on a low-carb diet?

On average, dry wines have around 4 to 6 grams of carbs. Another factor to consider is that alcohol affects liver metabolism which means that drinking wine produces more ketones. So, it’s possible that alcohol consumption can deepen your level of ketosis, but it can slow down weight loss.


What is the best alcohol to drink on a diet?

It is recommended that those on a strict Keto diet avoid beer and wine, while unflavoured distilled spirits are a better choice as they are 0 grams of net carbs. However, there are many low-carb beers that you can drink on a keto diet.


Is Wine Good for Weight Loss?

While there are many studies showing that wine is good for your health and even weight loss, there is a lot of misinformation about how drinking wine really affects your diet. The best thing to remember is moderation. While it’s okay to have a glass of wine a couple nights a week, you probably can’t expect to have wine every night and still lose significant amounts of weight.


How can I drink wine and still lose weight?

While there are many fad diets, like the white wine and egg diet, promise weight loss while drinking alcohol – it’s important to remember that weight loss is about being in a calorie-deficit. Meaning you’ll want to consume less calories than your body uses to maintain your current weight. For example, if it is required you eat 1,500 calories of food per day to lose weight, you’ll need to make sure that the wine, in addition to 3 full meals, does not exceed 1500 calories. So, as long as you are burning/using more calories than you consume, you can drink wine.


How much wine should I be drinking?
Read here to learn what the recommended serving is for wine.


How many calories is in wine?

The calories in wine varies depending on the wine, the winemaker and the grape variety. The general rule is the higher the alcohol by volume (abv), the higher the calories. Sugar is not as calorically dense as alcohol, so even if a wine does not taste sugary sweet, it may be high in calories because of the sugar. Per gram, sugar contains 4 calories while alcohol has 7 calories per gram. Watching for sugar content in wine is important, but so is abv, depending on your diet and lifestyle goals or your physician’s recommendation.


Will your diet make increase sensitivity to alcohol in wine?

Depending on the meal plan or diet you’re on, you might become less tolerant to alcohol. Experts say that on the Keto diet your alcohol tolerance is lowered because your liver is metabolizing more efficiently. Drinking wine on an empty stomach can also affect how you feel and give you that tipsy feeling much quicker. If you’ve chosen to reduce the frequency and amount of alcohol you consume, a glass of wine may affect you differently than before you began your diet. These are all things to consider, so be aware of your body’s reaction during the diet or lifestyle change. Always remember to drink responsibly.


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