September Marks California Wine Month!

So it only makes sense to celebrate the annual harvest season cali’ style. You can host a cali-themed wine tasting at your home, or if you live near (or are traveling through), you can check out all that the California wine industry has to offer. Wineries, regional wine associations and other local organizations will be hosting special tastings, concerts, food and wine festivals, immersive harvest experiences, grape stomps and more. For more information about this year’s event, see the official event page at Discover California Wines.

About California’s Wine Month

September 2019 marks the 15th annual California Wine Month! This year highlights the state’s 250-year wine making history and they have a lineup of events to keep the wine flowing and the good times plentiful.


Why Visit California’s Wine Region?

Well, you should check it out because Cali’ is kind of a big deal when it comes to wine! The state is one of the new world’s most well-known wine regions and the world’s fourth-largest wine producer! California supplies 81 percent of wine made in the U.S., and is home to over 3,900 wineries and 5,900 grape growers. It is also the nation’s most-visited state for wine and food experiences, attracting 24 million visits annually to its wine regions.

Thanks to its diverse terroir and climate it can grow a variety of different grapes from cool climate classics like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to warmer weather winners like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. To learn more about the different varietals and their profiles check out Discover California Wines – Meet the Grapes.

A closer look at California’s Wine Country – from the LCBO Official YouTube Channel

Like many other new world regions, California got its start when immigrants from Old World countries began settling there in the 1700s. They came to America for a better life for their families, but still wanted to keep the traditions and wonderful flavours of the Old World alive and vibrant. California wines remained low profile until 1976 with the Paris Wine Tasting (aka: The Judgement of Paris). In a blind wine tasting competition California wines beat out French wines forever changing the Old World vs New World dynamic.

California is now one of the top enotourism destinations. Of course, even people who don’t know much about wine know about Napa Valley, but there are also many other off-the-beaten path gems like Paso Robles, Santa Cruz Mountains, Lodi, Livermore and many more.


Can’t attend California Wine Month this September?

Host A Californian Wine Tasting

So you can’t make it to California’s Wine Month, hey? No big deal! Hang loose and have yourself a California wine tasting that’s ever-bit as delicious. You can head down to your local wine store and hit up the “California” wine section and select a few different wines to experience California’s wines in your home. Here are a few ways you can setup your wine tasting – keep this in mind when purchasing the wines for your tasting:

1. A Vertical Tasting

Same varietal, same vineyard from different years

2. Horizontal Tasting

Same vintage, same varietal, different vineyards

California Wine Month tasting spread

3. Blind Tasting

Your house, your rules as long as your guests are blind folded! No preconceived notions affect their judgments.

4. Tasting Flight

Most people would just call this a regular tasting. Sampling 3-8 wines for comparison and enjoyment.


Have fun and get creative after all this is a California Wine Tasting!


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