Brett present in a wine often presents common “wine flavours”; at low-levels “smoke”, and “spice” can be noted. However, at levels that are too high, notes of, “antiseptic”, “wet animal”, “hamster cage”, “barnyard”, “plastic”, “old leather” or “band-aid”/”laytex” are present. Though brett is sometimes used on purpose, it is often undesirable because it is either too overpowering or some individuals are simply more sensitive to the flavour profile of this yeast (similar to how some individuals don’t like the taste of cilantro, while others do).

If Dekerra becomes present in any step in vintner’s terroir process (on the grapes, in the barrels, etc) it is difficult to get rid of and the contamination has to be sterilized vigorously using either Sulfur dioxide (SO2), or Dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC).