Halloween is the best — and it’s not just for kids!

You deserve a treat of your own. Wine and Halloween candy are the perfect pairing.

What’s your candy guilty pleasure? We all have it and we’ll scour the shelves (or our children’s Halloween haul) to find it. Just when you thought that little indulgence couldn’t get any better, along comes a Sommelier to give you tips on the best wines to pair with your candy. That’s right, Halloween candy can make some pretty awesome wine pairings.


Wine & Halloween Candy Pairings for Parents

It’s been a long week of carving pumpkins, dressing your kid(s) in Halloween costumes, buying candy, decorating the house with scary, ghoulish charm, hearing the doorbell ring a hundred times… Halloween can be hectic. Now that it’s all over and your kids have come back with their lootWe all know parents are going to raid their children’s trick-or-treating candy stash, so why not pair that candy with a delicious glass of wine? Put your feet up and relax — Just Wine is here to help you.


No kids? No problem. Horror movies, candy and wine pair well, too!

You’ve been waiting in your basement watching scary movies on Netflix with all the lights out. No point buying candy before Halloween — save yourself the money and don’t answer the door. The day after Halloween all the candy will be on sale which is your chance to stock up on tasty treats to pair with wine. Choose your favourite candy then have a peek at the infographic below for a wine. Just Wine is here to help you with those perfect picks.


Infographic: The Best Wines To Pair With Halloween Candy — find a wine for Skittles, Caramilk chocolate bar, Twizzlers & more.

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Wine and Halloween Candy Pairings. Infographic by Just Wine. Image Source: Mobility Quotient


Did we miss your favourite Halloween candy? Do you have a junk food snack that you must find a wine for? What’s your guilty pleasure wine pairing? Let us know by clicking here and we’ll help you out in the next Candy & Wine article!


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