Did you know that you can make sangria with beer instead of wine? It’s easy and just as delicious as wine sangria, only it may be even more refreshing!

This summer, broad your horizons with some of the best beer sangria recipes we were able to find!


5 Best Beer Sangria Recipes For the Summer


Citrus Beer Sangria Recipe

Perfect for a hot summer day! This beer sangria recipe takes a classic sangria to a whole new level. All the different flavours and notes will dance around with each sip.

Image By: Self Proclaimed Foodie


Peach Beer Sangria Recipe

This sangria recipe uses beer, whiskey and peach nectar. Try it out on your next sunny patio day. This recipe won’t disappoint.

Image By: The Beeroness
Image Source: The Beeroness


Berry Beer Sangria Recipe

Berry Beer Sangria is perfect for the beer lover who wants to shake it up a little. It’s the perfect beer drink recipe for a BBQ cocktail, pool party, or just for having friends over on a hot summer day or night.

Image By: Cooking with Sugar


Cider Beer Sangria Recipe

This versatile recipe can be enjoyed on a patio in the summer, at football tailgate parties, or even wait till Fall and drink this at Thanksgiving!

Image By: How Sweet Eats


Winter Beer Sangria Recipe

A little add on if you like to drink sangria year-round. A lot of people believe that Sangria is a summer-only drink. If you are one of these people, then you would be wrong! Sangria can be enjoyed all year round! Save this recipe for winter and make it for your next holiday party.

Image By: Craft Beering


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