(Posted with permission from Jen’s Reviews)

Ingredients For The Best Cherry Wine:

3 kg of clean washed cherries
4 litres of drinking water
2 kg of organic white sugar
1 tablespoon of brewing yeast


How To Make Cherry Wine:

  1. Clean the cherries with running water thoroughly, make sure to remove the stems.
  2. Pour boiled water onto it and put them under a wine press for five to six days.
  3. Pass the cherry juice through a cheesecloth to remove the pulp. Add yeast and sugar to begin with the fermentation process. Add a bit of lemon juice if you want.
  4. Set the jug in a dry and warm place during the fermentation.
  5. The process is done after fermenting for several weeks. Shake the jar and let it ferment for another four or five months to finish making the wine..
  6. Transfer the wine into separate wine bottles let them ferment for as much as you prefer.
  7. Other from plainly drinking the wine you made, you can also add it to any dish that you cook. The wine would add a unique taste to your dish!


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