What is the Spirit Hills Honey Winery?

Does Alberta have wineries? We certainly do! Spirit Hills Honey Winery, an Alberta-based and family run business, is known for it’s sustainable and locally-sourced operations.

In a grape-less province, Spirit Hills crafts a grape-less wine with strong structure and backbone expected of any high-quality wine with body. Spirit Hills wines integrate ancient fermentation techniques with the creativity of Alberta’s settlers and entrepreneurs to create food-friendly wines, among them a dry red, a medium-dry white, a semi-sweet rose, and two hailed party wines, a mulled wine and ready-pour sangria.



5 JustWine Recommendations from Spirit Hills Honey Winery

Every single ingredient that goes into each wine made at Spirit Hills Honey Winery is locally sourced. This makes it genuinely “Alberta’s Wine.” Blackcurrants are sourced from the “Hugo Rows” on an orchard near Stettler, the Saskatoon berries come from two farms near Okotoks, while the dandelions are picked closer to home.

Dande White Wine

With a pronounced honey aroma that shows up quite subtle on the palate. It’s the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, made with dandelions from the estate. A two-time Alberta Beverage Awards winner. Serve Chilled.

Wild Rosy Rosé Wine

Made with Alberta’s official flower, the wild rose, the wine has a very light rose petal aroma and flavour with a hint of sweetness. Not only a great patio wine, but food-friendly all year round. Silver Medal winner of the All Canadian Wine Championships in Toronto. Served Chilled.

Saskswatch Red Wine

A fuller bodied red with ripe dark berries, spice and pepper. The flavour is robust enough to stand up to bold flavoured dishes but the absence of tannin makes it an easy sipper, too. Winner of the Alberta Beverage Awards Judges’ Selection four years in a row. Serve at room temperature.

YeeHaw Alberta’s Sangria

Red Blended with Fruit. Pour over ice, add a little soda water if you want some sparkle. Need a bit more kick? Use sparkling wine instead of soda water or add a little bourbon. It’s the ultimate summer sipper and easy for backyard entertaining.

Bonfire Mulled Wine

Rich berries and sweet spices for a taste of winter holidays all year round. Enjoy ice skating to warm the chill in your bones or sip around a campfire on a cool summer evening. Warm it up in a pot on the stove (or fire) before the boiling point so as not to cook off any alcohol.



Why Should You Choose Spirit Hills Winery For Your Next Adventure?

Although Spirit Hills Winery does not make any sort of health food claims about their wines, the proof is in the lab. “We always figured our wines would score high in antioxidants because of the honey, so we finally decided to have them tested,” Ilse tells me. They brought the wines to a food lab in Edmonton for official scrutiny. The results came in with antioxidant levels so high that the lab thought they must have made a mistake. Having never seen results like that before, the wines were tested again. The conclusion? A whopping 90 to 120 times the number of antioxidants of an average glass of red wine. Imagine drinking 100 glasses of red wine in order to experience the polyphenol antioxidant benefits of one glass of Spirit Hills Dande. Fortunately, you don’t have to.


What’s Next for Spring Hills Honey Winery?

Due to increasing demand in Japan, you can now find some of Spirit Hills’ wines in prestigious restaurants and tasting on the other side of the world! In addition to going global, Spirit Hills is also going to begin experimenting with traditional grape-made wines (yes, even in the cold of Alberta!) after planting vines in small micro-climate area on their farm. They’re hoping that grapes can offer additional colour, tannin and flavour, but whether they ferment the grapes alone or create a blend with the honey wine, you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself.

To wine lovers everywhere, take a chance on these delicious honey wines – you won’t regret it.


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