What are National Wine Days?

There’s a “national day” for everything nowadays and that includes wine! From International Malbec Day to National Sangria Day, there’s always an excuse to open up a bottle of wine. Celebrate wine days in style by taking part in these super fun wine activities. Whether you want to visit a wine tasting event or attend wine & paint night, here are a list of things to do to celebrate all the national wine holidays:


When are the National Wine Days?

Want to know what all the wine days are? Click here for our list of all the wine holidays this year.


Wine Activities For National Drinking Days


Go To A Wine Tasting!

What better way to celebrate wine than to go to a wine tasting or wine event? Some areas, like in New Zealand, have wine tastings completely dedicated to specific wines which is perfect for celebrating national wine days! Click here to find Wine Tasting Events Near Me.


Sauvignon Blanc Wine Tasting
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Plan a Vineyard Visit

If you live near the good ol’ wine country, visiting a vineyard would be the perfect way to spend all the national drinking days! See exactly how and where your wine is made! Many vineyards offer tours, wine tastings and sometimes even activities like vineyard bike rides.


Bike Ride Through the Vineyards
Image by Ride on Magazine



Attend a Wine & Paint Night!

Grab your wine pals and find a wine and paint night near me! Or even better, plan your own Wine & Paint night! There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping delicious wine and creating marvellous art. Pro Tip: the more glasses you drink, the better the art.

Wine and Paint Workshop
Image by: Groupon


Take A Wine Course

What says ‘I love Wine’ more than some wine education? Take a wine course and learn about how wine is made, how to properly taste wine, grape varietals and so much more!

Can’t find a wine course in your area? No problem, check out JustWine University for online ‘wine courses’!

Wines of the World Course
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