There is such thing as wine that isn’t made from grapes?

Yes – and this new type of wine is gaining momentum! This wine not from grapes, but from other fruits, vegetables, chocolate, coffee, and really, anything your creative mind can imagine. The possibilities are really endless.

Fruit Wine at Morad Winery

I first learned about wine that wasn’t made from grapes when I was living in Israel. I lived across the street from a kosher winery called Morad Winery. The owners Eti and Jacob Morad had decided to turn their passion for wine making into a post-retirement business.

Revolutionizing the industry and using very creative ingredients from chocolate to almonds, dates to my personal favourite and their flagship: passion fruit wine, Eti and Jacob turned their small business into a big empire teaming up with the Budnar Family to produce Danue Wines.

Fruit wine fermenting
Image by: Morad Winery

Every time I went into the Visitor’s Centre, they had a new flavour of wine for me and my guests to try! And all of these wines were absolutely delicious. Not to mention, how lovely their bottles were; these would make fabulous wine gifts!

Stackable Gift Bottles
Image by: Morad Winery

These fruit wines are also fabulous for cooking because the flavours are so pure and rich and are sure to add a burst of flavour to your dishes. You can check the Morad Winery website for some great recipes to create with Fruit Wine and other unconventional wines.


Where can I find Chocolate Wine and Other Fruit Wines?

To save you a trip to Israel, (Although, it’d be totally worth it), here’s some wineries below that also create fruit and chocolate wines similar to those at Morad Winery:

Fieldstone Fruit Wines, Strathmore, Alberta

Elephant Island Orchard Wines, Naramata, BC

Florida Orange Groves Winery, Tampa, Florida

Gaaton Winery, Kibbutz Gaaton, Israel